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October 16, 2019

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Benefits of advance tax- why should you pay it

Did you file your income tax returns on time? Great! But it is not all. Now you need to clear your advance tax! What is Advance Tax? Advance tax is paid by the assessee when he starts earning. TDS or  →
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Accidents: Loss of vision or blindness due to injuries

Various accidents occur in many fields. These accidents can lead to multiple types of injuries. These accidents can cause head injuries, knee injuries, and brain and spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, in some conditions, you can also experience injuries related to  →
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What is the Tax Residency Certificate and How to get it?

Have you made some foreign income during the financial year? Then you might have paid a significant amount of tax in that country from your foreign income. Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) can help you avoid paying double taxes on your  →
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Easiest Way to Get Loans without Guarantor’s Involvement

The absence of guarantor and a credible credit record would be sufficient to make the loan procedure tough. Of course, attaining a loan with a bad credit record is tough. On top of this, convincing the lender seems impossible in  →
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Divorcing From An Abusive Spouse: What You Want To Realize

Many youngsters who are abused, or who witness the abuse of a determine, develop as much as emerge as abusive themselves, or turn out to be sufferers in violent relationships. And the cycle continues. Luckily, there's something you can do  →
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