Lifestyle to Relieve Erectile Dysfunction


One of the things that lower men’s quality of life after middle age is sexual problems caused by erectile dysfunction.

Since it is a secret problem, they are reluctant to hesitate to see the hospital, and the symptoms do not improve. Treatment is also important, but lifestyle improvements must be made with it.

Steady Aerobic Exercise

To overcome sexual decline, it’s important to stay aerobic. In particular, aerobic exercise, such as yoga, walking, climbing, improves cardiopulmonary function, improves blood circulation and expands blood vessels.

Good blood circulation can lead to a normal erection. As the blood vessels expand, so much blood flows into the genitals, leading to stiffness.

Aerobic exercise is also good for preventing obesity, which lowers male hormone levels. According to the results of the Korean Urological Research survey, the higher the obesity, the lower the male hormone level.

Aerobic exercise includes swimming and biking in addition to the previous exercise.

Non-smoking and Anti-smoking Practice

Drinking and smoking are risk factors that affect erectile dysfunction medicines. Smoking interferes with blood circulation around the prostate.

In fact, there is a study showing that the risk of erectile dysfunction increases more than twice when smoking.

Drinking alcohol causes problems with the dilating of the neurotransmitters that cause the penis to swell and interfere with male hormone activity.

If you want to prevent erectile dysfunction and other urinary system diseases, quitting smoking and abstaining alcohol must be done first.

PC Muscle Exercise

Strengthening the PC muscles, the pelvic floor that supports the bladder and anus, as well as the genitals, can help maintain stiffness during erections.

PC muscles are pelvic muscles from the pubic bone to the tailbone. Doing regular PC muscles will help strengthen your prostate and improve your sexual function.

Abs and thigh muscles do not move and tighten the anus (sphincter), just like urinating. Repeated contraction and relaxation, this operation 100 to 200 times a day for more than six months.

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