Top Marketing Strategies for Black Friday 2019

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Black Friday 2019 Marketing Tips

Since a few years, the world of online shopping and marketing has generated the highest revenue during the holidays after Thanksgiving. And when we talk about holidays after Thanksgiving, no one can forget the biggest sale of the year, Black Friday! On this auspicious occasion, every online shopping site puts up their products on huge discounts. They bring in different ideas and features to increase their local sales. But what’s there for 2019? And how can you increase your sales more this year? There’s nothing to worry about. In this blog, we will take you through some effective marketing strategies to make the most out of this year’s Black Friday. And these are as follows:

  • The very first thing a customer wishes while shopping is to see huge discounts for their desired products. And, thus, to increase your sales on this event, the very basic marketing strategy you can apply is providing excessive discounts to the customers. A customer definitely chooses a platform that offers good quality products at discounted prices.
  • Almost all the customers expect top-notch quality of products, which usually costs an arm and a leg. Spending too much on buying something and ending up with a low-quality product always disappoints a customer. Buyers and consumers simply cannot compromise on the quality of their bought products, at all. Especially on Black Friday, their expectations increase more than the usual. To attract more customers, an online seller should sell high-quality products at reduced prices. This will effectively increase the marketing and selling on your online platform.
  • During the sale, people and customers fantasize about buying products according to their interests. By selling products of vast categories, such as musical bands, web series, movies, etc. you can greatly increase the sales of your products and enhance the productivity of your site.
  • Advertising your brands, products, and valuable deals on different social websites, apps, and other social platforms are also highly crucial for increasing your sales. One way by which you can promote you ongoing campaigns is to use hashtags like #blackfriday2019 or #blackfridaysales. You should also use catchy phrases and words like Black Friday deals 2019, so your audience is aware of what can be bought. In this way, you will be able to invite more people to visit your site.
  • Another way by which websites increase their sales is by distributing free gifts on Black Friday. Many people are more intrigued by the word ‘free’ as compared to other marketing offers and deals. And, on that particular event, you can release a ‘free gift’ offer on every purchase made. This can bring effective customer traffic to the steps of your e-commerce website.
  • Specifically for this year’s Black Friday, your marketing strategies can also include a decrement in the delivery and shipping charges. Many customers find delivery and shipment charges to be a burden. Thus, by decreasing the shipping or delivering charges, you can leave a positive impact on the customer and will enable him to purchase more than usual.
  • Starting off with early sales, that is, before black Friday and ending the sales days after the campaign can actually bring comparatively more customers. This strategy is quite useful since the sales won’t be limited and they would be able to buy more and more breath-grasping products.
  • You should also increase the number of your product categories. This year, you can try expanding and increasing the number of your product categories and placements. You should introduce new and advanced categories related to the upcoming sales related to most fantasized campaign of the year. Many users find it boring to scroll the same fields and categories of products again and again. Try advancing these categories so that it engages the customers.
  • Black Friday sales and celebrations should provide effective surprises to your customers. To advance your sales and productivity, you can engage customers with lucky-draws and surprises. You can also offer some surprise gifts if a customer makes a specific amount of purchases. For example, if a person buys products amounting to a total of $50, then they will receive a surprise gift with their order. In this way, customers will be compelled to make more purchases.
  • And with this last effective strategy, you can increase your target audience to a great number. Yes, it’s Buy 1 and Get 1 free offer! The BOGO offers are used by almost every brand and company. By introducing them on your site, you can actually build up interest in your customers and encourage them to fulfill their shopping sensation through your brand.

Overall, these strategies and tricks are enough for your website to lead the competitive online marketing world, this year. While 25% of your productivity depends on the standard of your brand and where it stands today, with great offers and constructive strategies you can make huge sales this year. Black Friday is a campaign that draws the most purchases internationally so make the most out of it.


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