Money: The Root of All Evil

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           I always wanted to know if being rich was important or being happy was. Growing up, I didn’t grow up with a lot but I did have a lot of love around me. Even through tough times, I was happy with my surroundings. I did have a wish that if we had a lot of money around us, we would be doing so much better.

            When I was a child, it was my mom, my brother, my great grandma, and I. We was always together and loving each other. As a child, I didn’t see what was going on because I was playing and making everyone laugh. At age 10, I seen things that I don’t think I was supposed to see. I started to realize my mom was taking care of everything while my daddy run the streets and did what he wanted to do. My mom and I are over here struggling and my daddy had money coming left and right but my mom and me didn’t get anything from it. Each time I would ask him for something, I always get a no but yet he would get a new car or go to a fancy restaurant. It didn’t make sense to me. As an adult, I talk to my daddy about it but he knows nothing about it. He pretty did anything and everything for us…so he said.

            I made friends last year and I thought we were cool. We would hang out with each other. We would talk more for hours on the phone about anything and everything. You would think we were tired from staying up all night but we weren’t. We were happy to be with each other. Then, money came along. We were offered the same opportunity. We were happy about this opportunity. Anytime, we are together and can make money from it, of course we happy. Everything was going great until some people started figuring out how to make more money. Most of us were thinking that we were all together with everything. But lately, we notice that was not the case. They were getting all the profits but we were getting crumbs. When we call them out on it, oh they don’t know anything…that’s always the main excuse.

            I am a giving person by nature. I don’t mind giving. It makes me feel good to do it. I don’t be accepting anything back as long as I get a thank you back. Sometimes, you don’t even get that back. It’s surprises me when people take, take, take but they don’t have nothing to show for it. The people that give a lot, they receive blessings all the time. I feel like money is not made to be evil. It’s meant to be use for the good not bad. If you use it for good, good comes back to you. If you use it for bad, nothing good is coming from it. It will be a mess in the end. When you do receive money, use it for good.


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