Most Essential Fashion Tactics to Look Smart & Young after Age of the Forties

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Most Essential Fashion Tactics to Look Smart & Young after Age of the Forties

Most Essential Fashion Tactics to Look Smart & Young after Age of the Forties
Most Essential Fashion Tactics to Look Smart & Young after Age of the Forties

Once you have crossed your teens, your tees will be capturing you in its web of unattractiveness. The journey of the 30s and 40s is often the fastest yet struggling for many. People get busy in achieving life goals and career goals that they forget that one thing that there is one more thing “vogue” exists and boom! You are about to complete your series of 4. Welcome to your 50s! 

Your falling digits may try taking your edgy and modish tones with it but, do not let that happen. It’s good to know that you all are putting your all efforts to achieve your career goal or may have been wholeheartedly devoting your precious time to your family. Keeping your life balanced in the tones of styles and grace is also essential.

We know that the thought of “this might look odd in this age” has stopped you many times from purchasing your favorite clothes. 

Let’s break this stereotype here! Your age is just a number and not the barrier which can restrict or bound your fashion styles. Have a look at the following tactics with which you can look smart and young in your forties without losing the charm of grace. 

Say “no wrinkles” and “turtleneck” together!

Are you wearing a coat to cover those wrinkles lines? Relax! There is one more tactic with which you can confidently say no wrinkles. These are the turtlenecks that can give you a complete wrinkle-free look. Another incredible thing about turtlenecks is- the fashion never gets old.

The style of wearing turtlenecks is being admired since ages, and the elegance of this particular fashion is still on-trend. So, if this year your birth-date is making your age-scale fall in the category of 40s then head towards mall now and get yourself some sophisticated turtlenecks. 

Add-in few curves 

Well, no one is asking you to perform yoga! Beauty is not only in the body curves, curves in your outfits matter as well. Women with the age digit starting with 5, usually avoid wearing jackets and mostly prefer for sweaters-with-no-shape.

Your age doesn’t restrict you from wearing fit-to-body clothes, only if you know how to carry them! These days the services of custom leather jackets have turned all the impossibilities into possibilities, if you are not comfortable in those tight-jackets then get one customized according to your choice of size.

Most Essential Fashion Tactics to Look Smart & Young after Age of the Forties
Most Essential Fashion Tactics to Look Smart & Young after Age of the Forties

Refresh your era of the 20s

No, not the clothes, the hairstyle! What you wear matters but how you look is another story which narrated your story as young and smart. Get your hair done! It is the best way to refresh your looks. Hair fall is an exceptional case when you are in the 50s.

Do not worry about it and get it chopped in a sophisticated style. Please do not opt to step down your hair in layers. No, keep your age-decency with you and go for some modern styles which can give you a completely new, fresh, smart, and decent look.

Don’t be too loud! 

This one thing is associated with fashion that pastels are for older women or men. No, not at all! Do you know? Still, in the 21st century, the pastel tones are considered as the hues of class and charm. Yes, of course, the loud colors will surely not suit you in your downtime age but, this doesn’t mean you are supposed to go colorless.

Pastels are still your option. Guess what’s trending in the market which is highly suitable for the women struggling with good fashion-sense in the age of 50s? New jackets- the Harley Quinn jacket.

Oh yes, fashion brands are enthusiastically working in creating a stylish yet suitable pastel-collection for their customers within the age factor of 30 or 40. Look how amazingly your favorite brands are catering to your needs! 

Accessorize yourself 

Don’t be too hesitating to play with fashion accessories. They are a crucial part of Fashion Tactics. Belts, shape-wears, shades, etc. are still your must-to-carry tools. Although you may avoid wearing those flashy accessories which you once wore in your early twenties.

Buy some decent ones, like a simple belt in camel-brown to wear on your winter coat, a modest black shade which appears as classy as you are. You can even take inspiration for carrying accessories with class, from the queen of London.

Look on those stylish hats, frilled gloves, and highly sophisticated knee-coats which always give us oh-so-royal vibes. Glancing at the styles of Diana would be a great option too! 

Contrast with hippies and heels

Don’t go for those boring shoes which can eventually dim your stylish vibes. Contrasting your outfit with heels and hippies is the best way to augment your dull tones. By suggesting you wear heels, we didn’t mean those 6-inch heels with popping colors.

No, no! We meant the wages and those poising boots; these should be your contrasting hippies and heels. But, make sure to go for the ones which would be comfortable to walk-in, your body language speaks more about your personality more than you do. Try making your appearance more fabulous along with classy.

Hit the floor in hippie yet stylish mode! 

Harmonize the proportions 

The proportional values in Fashion Tactics are mainly concerned with the color contrast you make with your clothes. Even in light hues, people make the worst ever contrasts, which ultimately gives you a dull look. Being in the 40s doesn’t mean you cannot go for light and dark proportions.

Yes, you can! But, try to balance between light and dark, complimenting and pleasing, patterns and simple. Don’t fuse patterns with patterns; it may look quite unbalanced according to your age. Use your fashion aesthetics wisely and try complimenting your designed shirts with simple long skirts or you can vice versa this technique. 

Ok, we have done our job now, it’s your turn! Let’s start breaking these stereotypes associated with the age-digit of “4”. Throw away your dull 40s vibes from your styles and add in some bright and classy hues. After all, we only live once. So, be chic in your form! 


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