Most Reliable Laboratory Protection & Laboratory Settings with Laboratory Fume Hoods

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Laboratory fume hoods ensure the safety of lab operators or personnel when they are working with the hazardous materials in the laboratory. Laboratory fume hood is used for minimizing the chemical exposure to the laboratory personnel as well as it also prevents the users and environment from the exposure of toxic gases, spills, and explosions. These are considered to be the preliminary means of protection from any type of particulate matter, mists or hazardous vapours. It is safe and secure to work with laboratory fume hood for personal protection as well as laboratory protection. The laboratory fume hood is of various types such as fume hoods, fume cupboards or the cabinet with open sides to have access to the interior to the hood. The fume hood acts as an integral part of an air handling system of the building. When the lab personnel are working in the laboratory with the dangerous or hazardous materials, then it becomes important for their protection that there must be proper airflow. For it, the air is drawn by the exhaust fan from the room where the hood is in through the opening of hood and out through ductwork. For enlarging and restricting the opening of the fume hood, the transparent and movable sash was used. The fume hood is connected through ductwork to exhaust fan which is located on the top of the building roof generally.

The main purpose of using Laboratory fume hood is that it is basically used in the laboratories for ensuring the safety of lab personnel working in the laboratory may not be exposed to hazardous or dangerous fumes. The inhalation gives the major route to the entry of the chemicals into the body, as the chemical fumes or vapours directly enters into our bloodstream. With the up-gradation of the technology, the materials used for making fume hood has been changed from wood to mild steel as well as it is coated with epoxy. As a result, it ensures more safety for the operators who are conducting experiments in the laboratory. There are various parameters which make the use of laboratory fume hoods important in the laboratory as follows:

  1. Smart Technology

The use of smart technology used in the making of laboratory fume hood makes it flexible, adaptable, safe and modular. The fume hoods which are used are now ductless air filtration fume hoods which are the result of an innovative technology. Different types of unique products are available now which permits complete protection n prevention from any accidents which may occur in a laboratory. These various products may include smart filtered storage cabinets, safety cabinets, replacement filters, high-grade air filtration systems, powder weighing stations, and filtration technology. Therefore by using these modern technology equipments in the laboratory, it provides superior protection while handling noxious or toxic chemicals.

  1. Fume Hoods have Proper Ventilation

While working in a laboratory, inhaling harmful chemicals during breathing may cause toxins and lead to lung infections or breathing problems when entered in the bloodstream. When vapours are inhaled, it may lead to dizziness and over several years may cause damage to the liver. The high tech fume hoods provide a perfect and safe barrier between the lab personnel’s or workers and the toxic fumes by the mechanism of air filtration technology. Thus, fume hoods provide proper ventilation and prevent any damages or infections to the human body.

  1. Fume Hoods are specifically designed for the explosions

A proper and specifically designed fume hoods installed properly provide protection from fires and small explosions. Here, the sash acts as a protective shield in case of any explosion or fire. It is very important to keep the sash shut down when the hood is not in use as if it is not kept shut down, it may lead to an accident and the contents inside the hood will spread out and around in the laboratory thus harming the lab personnel.

  1. Fume hoods are primarily used for Industrial Applications

Fume hoods are primarily used for industrial applications where vapours and dust are used. There are various guidelines which are used for the protection and safety of the user in the laboratory. Whenever work is done in the laboratory, there will be a release of hazardous chemicals, therefore fume hoods are used to protect and prevent any type of accidents or injuries.

  1. Fume Concentrations are minimized by Fume Hoods

The fume concentrations can be easily minimized and well managed by the use of fume hoods. The laboratory fume hoods are specifically designed for the protection of laboratory and personnel.

Discharge of Waste Air by Fume Hoods

The most important function of fume food is that it discharges the waste air. It exhausts the harmful gas during the experiments and protects the health of operators which serves the main purpose of fume hoods.


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