Out Loud About Cannabis – Advantages and Detriments

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Out Loud About Cannabis – Advantages and Detriments

Out Loud About Cannabis – Advantages and Detriments
Out Loud About Cannabis – Advantages and Detriments

The stigma surrounding cannabis and its use appears to be witnessing its downfall, as many countries across the globe slowly legalize both medicinal and recreational consumption of this plant. Whether you’ve consumed it or not, you’ve probably heard about some of the effects it has on our well-being, as quotidian media keeps informing us.

Being skeptical is always acceptable. However, the ongoing research keeps surprising us with new findings regarding the drug’s benevolent nature. But even in this case, since we’re talking about medicine here, the drug must be taken with caution, prescription, and you should be equipped with as much info as possible.

Let’s get familiarized with the anatomy of consuming cannabis and cannabinoids.

Brief History of Cannabis

Cannabis has been used for various purposes throughout history. However, its controversial nature was most vigorously discussed during the previous and the present century. It has been criminalized and decriminalized several times in the US, with its first ban proclaimed in 1937.

The US and other countries are now steadily approving its recreational use, with Uruguay being the first-ever country to fully make this drug legal in 2013, and Canada seconding it in 2018. That same year, about two-thirds of the US population was supporting the legalization, when back in 1969 the level of endorsement among the US people was a mere 12%.

What Has Changed?

The answer is rather simple. As scientific research of the plant made major steps, it became much clearer which effects cannabis has and whether its consumption will do us bad. Thanks to the research, especially during the last couple of decades, the science and the economy of growing and consuming marijuana made a few definite conclusions:

  • Cannabis is certainly less risky than both alcohol and cigarettes when it comes to one’s overall well-being.
  • Once governments legalize the medicinal use of cannabis, a new branch of the economy will be born, giving people jobs and creating major tax revenue.
  • Ultimately, its legalization leads to the end of the war on drugs.

These facts are important; however, it is of a much larger importance to review what its consumption is doing for us. And while there are plenty of pros, there are cons of using cannabis as a medicinal or recreational drug as well.

Out Loud About Cannabis – Advantages and Detriments
Out Loud About Cannabis – Advantages and Detriments


It does a great deal in battling previous addictions

People who have been addicted to alcohol, prescription, or heavy drugs had major accomplishments battling these with the help of major cannabinoids. These are particularly important in prescription drug addiction, as most of them treat anxiety, issues with the motoric system, chronic pain, etc.

The US National Institute of Health even published a detailed study on treating 91 heavy opioid addicts with cannabis. Soon enough, a great deal of alcohol and drug consumers decided to choose marijuana as a substitute and a treatment.

It stimulates the activity of osteoblasts and does miracles in reducing troubles caused by motoric autoimmune diseases such as MS

This basically means that a fractured or damaged bone heals much quicker because osteoblasts, the cells that form our skeletal system, get stimulated to work more and at a faster pace. This leads to healing the fracture and leaving the bone up to 50% stronger after the cannabidiol treatment.

Multiple Sclerosis is an unpredictable disease of the central nervous system, largely affecting one’s ability to move or even see. Approximately 2.3 million people in the US are affected by it, and a growing number of them choose to try CBD oil treatment with as low as 0.3% THC, mostly for pain relief.

Out Loud About Cannabis – Advantages and Detriments
Out Loud About Cannabis – Advantages and Detriments

Its use is connected to lower proclivity to Diabetes

The major compounds of cannabis save the Beta cells (cells that produce insulin), lowering your risks of Diabetes type 1. Diabetes type 2 is virtually nonexistent within the population consuming cannabis.

A major advantage of CBD and THC consumption is helping with mental illnesses, states, and diseases

First and foremost, dealing with a nervous system issue often includes strong treatment with severe side effects. However, CBD does a great deal with hippocampus neurogenesis (producing new neurons both in embryos and adults), which helps in battling Alzheimer’s disease.

Up to 90% of patients with depression showed heavily-reduced symptoms. The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is largely treated with cannabinoids, as these reduce symptoms such as anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, and high-functioning depression.

Approximately 62% of patients use cannabis as pain relief, especially for surgery and cancer pains, with a growing population of those with heavy migraines.

Treating cancer with cannabinoids

This topic stays veiled in a cloud of controversy. However, it is certain that the compounds of cannabis help making the body stronger for the vile side effects of chemotherapy, including horrendous pain, weight loss, vomiting, weakness, etc.


It can lead to addiction and reduced cognitive skills

Some 30% of the population consuming cannabis has developed a disorder because of its use, with heavy withdrawal symptoms like headaches, insomnia, visceral pain, shakiness, or night sweats. The neural decline seems to be a long-term side effect, mostly exhibited with poor motoric skills and learning.

Oral and bronchial problems

Studies have shown links between smoking marijuana and cavities, gingivitis, and mouth and neck cancer. Some of the components of cannabis are toxic. For instance, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, and benzopyrene could lead to lung irritation, heavy coughing, lung bleeding, and lung cancer.

It dilates blood vessels, leading to harder blood pumping

It is extremely important for people with a genetic background, including cardiovascular conditions, to be aware of this fact, as its consumption can lead to a cardiac arrest.

It may cause paranoia and trigger schizophrenia

The University of Oxford inducted a study where 50% of the participants who have consumed cannabis showed mistrusting behavior, as opposed to 30% of participants who were provided a placebo.


All in all, the proper use of cannabinoids does a great deal for our body’s well-being, helping with major issues of today’s society, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even cancer treatment.

However, there are some setbacks that need to be considered thoroughly prior to actual consumption. What is your opinion? Feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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