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Himachal Pradesh is home to fresh mountain air, refreshingly cool weather (the more chilly months ranging between 0° – 15° C), and views that will take your breath away. It is no surprise that Himachal is a favourite location of many when planning their vacations and getaway.

Himachal offers you so much to explore and enjoy, that it is incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed and spoilt for choice. Which is why don’t worry! This is our list of perfect vacation spots in Himachal!

Kareri Lake
Kareri Lake, with its Kareri Lake Trek – a short trek beginning in Mcleod Ganj – is a beautiful glacial lake in Himachal. Perched high up in the Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges, Kareri Lake, also known as Kumarwah Lake, is a freshwater lake. The Kareri Lake is a snow-fed glacial lake, finding its source in the glaciers of the Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges. Because of this, it is very clear and is beautiful to behold. The Kareri Lake Trek takes you Mcleod Ganj on a short trek to Kareri Village. 

  1. The Kareri Lake Trek takes you through a variety of terrains, and the chance to camp and really be one with the outdoors. Trekkers will pitch tents and camp not only by the glacial lake, with a stunning view of snow-capped mountain ranges, but also will camp in a Himalayan meadow, with a gurgling stream and lush grass running for as far as you can see, situated a short 10 minute walk away from the Kareri Village.

    On this Kareri Lake Trek, you can enjoy a beautiful, scenic trail through blossoming forest lines, whimsical meadows, up to the snowy foothills of the Himalayan mountains. With pleasant, chilly weather averaging at a temperature of 0 – 15° C in the winter months, and about 22 – 37° C in the warmer months of the year, Kareri Lake is a joy to visit year-round! It is advised that those looking to take the Kareri Lake Trek note that in the months of November – December, and May 0 April, the lake remains frozen. Extra caution is advised to trekkers in those months, as the thicker ice can be unpredictable to navigate.

    The Kareri Lake Trek is an easy level trek, perfect for beginners. Its terrains are simple to navigate and do not require intense preparation beforehand. The destination – Kareri Lake – is perched at an altitude of 2,934 m, and therefore trekkers needn’t worry about altitude sickness or another discomfort that the high altitude may bring.

  2. Tosh
    Tosh, nestled away in the heart of the Parvati Valley and hidden by looming, scenic mountains, is a wonderful destination for those looking for a getaway from their mundane day to day life. With its enthralling views and the rows and rows of orchards teeming with shiny, crisp and juicy apples, Tosh is a vacation spot that will soothe your soul like nothing else.
    Situated close to Kasol, Tosh also acts as a wonderful springboard if you’re looking to dive into a longer and more extensive vacation, offering you an array of nearby attractions to explore.
  3. Bhaba Pass
     The Bhaba Valley in Kinnaur is a gorgeous little spot untouched by the ruins and Havok of city living. It is also home to the Bhaba Pass Trek, an 8-day easy level trek which is perfect for beginners and avid trekkers alike. The Bhaba Valley, with its rich culture, with strong Buddhist influences, is also a great spot to visit if you’re looking to learn more about other cultures in India.
    Fascinating and engaging all year round, the Bhaba Valley in all its splendour, is not one to miss out on.
  4. Manali
    Manali is a high altitude resort town in Himachal. Known as a favoured destination of backpackers and honeymooners alike, Manali offers a lot to take in. With its gushing rivers, perfect for white water rafting, pleasantly cool weather, and looming snow-capped mountains forming the icing on the proverbial cake, Manali is sure to offer something for everyone.
  5. Malana
    Malana is a gorgeous village in Himachal Pradesh. People like to visit Malana not just for its scenic beauty, but for the rich history, and novel – or not – culture in the village. As per local tales, the locals of Malana are descendants of Alexander The Great. Interestingly enough, the form of local governance followed in Malana also closely mirrors that of the Ancient Greeks. Malana is a wonderful place if you’re looking for fascinating conversations set against a backdrop so beautiful, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

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