Pocket Beagle Size: How Big Are Pocket Beagles?

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You need to know that regular beagles and pocket beagles are different. You should consider having some pocket beagles.

They are good-looking and will walk through the entire house; that should be an eye-pleasing scenario for pet lovers.

In addition to their size, weight, and growth rate, these two beagles differ in their habits and how they grow. Be sure about the type of beagle you wish to raise in your home.

Pocket Beagle Size: How Big Are Pocket Beagles?

I am talking about adult pocket beagles that are more than one year old and have already become adults. They get 13 inches tall and weigh 15 pounds. 

Pocket beagles typically measure seven to thirteen inches in length and weigh five to fifteen pounds on average. They are half the size of regular beagles.

Pocket beagles are the smallest beagle in the world. They become half the size of regular beagles as adults.

Regular beagles become 25-30 pounds as adults, whereas pocket beagles only become 12-15 pounds.

Because pocket beagles are half the size of regular beagles, there is a clear difference between them.

Regular beagles are usually 15-25 inches long, while pocket beagles are 7-13 inches. The size and weight of a beagle depends on his or her age.

Pocket beagles are the cutest and smallest puppies, and they grow very slowly. As a result, they will not become bulky as they grow.

Most people get pocket beagles for their children as a companion. Check out the category and genre of the pocket beagles if you are genuinely interested in raising or getting one.

In addition, the male and female pocket beagles will have similar size & weight, as opposed to the generic or regular beagle that is too big.

Pocket beagles cannot be identified unless their owner tells you or shows you their differences.

In addition, I will take you through male & female pocket beagles and show you how they differ. 

Their growth & size will be the same, and you will be unable to differentiate them in bear eyes.

We will see how to identify male and female pocket beagles by their size, weight, and other characteristics.

Although you are unlikely to get every single question from this part, you will know the basic differences between male and female pocket beagles so you can select the right one and grow it correctly.

In Males:

Male pocket beagles will grow faster and bigger than female pocket beagles since they are more energetic.

Typically, the differences are very small; let’s say the weight of a fully grown male pocket beagle is about 15 pounds, and the height of a fully grown male pocket beagle is about 13 inches.

As they grow and reach maturity, you won’t find such weight & growth differences when they are still growing or only six months old.

You must compare two fully grown pocket beagles side-by-side if you want to differentiate males and females.

In Females:

A fully grown female pocket beagle measures 12 inches and weighs 12 pounds.

A female pocket beagle with 10 pounds may only grow to 10 inches, which is not the highest growth of any beagle at maturity. A small female pocket beagle will grow to the same size as her male counterpart.

In my previous post, I explained that male and female pocket beagles grow at a similar rate, but when they reach maturity, their weight and size differences will become apparent.

It usually takes a pocket beagle more than a year to fully mature, with some visible differences between males and females.

Do Pocket Beagles Stay Small?

When they reach 13 inches in length and 12-15 pounds in weight, pocket beagles will stop growing.

Each of these two matrices represents the best and highest growth stages of a pocket beagle, with a growth rate half that of a regular beagle or bully.

You can compare the size, weight, and growth of your pocket beagles with those of your regular bully or beagle.

The main reason pocket beagles remain small is that it can be difficult to reach a huge beagle with a tiny pocket beagle that can fit in a loose pocket.

Otherwise, the pocket beagle will be the best choice based on your needs and preferences.

In case you aren’t interested in the pocket beagle, you can buy the regular beagle that will grow to 25-30 pounds of weight.

As a result, they will grow slowly and stay small forever, and you will have a small & old puppy for a very long time.

Pocket Beagles Size And Their Weight Chart

We will give you the Pocket beagles size and weight chart that will show you different sizes of pocket beagles at different ages.

It will help you determine the right size for your beagle and ensure it grows at the right rate. The knowledge won’t last forever, but it will be helpful.

The first or lower number represents female size, while the higher number represents male size. Let’s get through the chart and find out what size your pocket beagle is.

Pocket Beagles ageSizeWeight
3 months5-7 inches5-6 pounds
6 months7-8 inches6-7 pounds
7 months8-9 inches7-8 pounds
8 months9-10 inches8-9 pounds
12 months10-12 inches10-12 pounds
Full Grown12-13 inches12-15 pounds

Food and Nutrition:

During this stage of development, puppies of the Pocket Beagle breed require twice the energy or calories per pound of their body weight, so they have an increased need for food.

There are six essential elements required for a puppy’s proper development: carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water, protein, and fat.

If these things are measured carefully, then the diet can be called “complete and balanced.”


It is recommended that you get to know the dog’s biological parents before adopting or bringing one into your home.

It is imperative to examine all relevant documents, including clearances from health authorities, before finalizing the transaction.

How To Bulk Up Your Pocket Beagle?

The following tips can help you bulk up your pocket beagles.

Weight Vests:

When your dog wears a weighted vest, they will feel more resistance, which is a terrific way to challenge them.

Start by gradually adding between five and ten percent of your dog’s total body weight to most of these vests.

Dragging/ Pulling Weight:

To participate in weight pulling, you need to equip your dog with a harness that is attached to substantial weight. The dog can then walk forward while dragging the weight behind him.

It is an activity that many dogs enjoy, and it can be an excellent form of exercise for them if done safely with the appropriate training and equipment.

Taking a swim:

In addition to being excellent exercise, swimming in a pond or pool is also a great form of physical therapy for dogs suffering from arthritis.


Pocket beagles are smaller versions of the regular beagle breed. When they reach maturity, they grow to 13 inches tall and weigh 12-15 pounds. 

But you can boost their growth and other aspects by following these tips to get a cute pocket beagle that you can carry everywhere with you.

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