Portable Glove Box System- Becoming The First Choice of People in Terms of Safety

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The latest version of the portable glove box is in the 2200 series, which is easily available in different materials. The material varies according to the need of the consumer and the cost. 1/4″ static dissipative PVC is one of the material used.

A few more other materials used are as follows – ¼” acrylic, ¼” non-dissipative PVC and the final material used is polypropylene. The Portable Glove Boxes are available in four different materials as also discussed above, which are selected based on availability and the need of the consumer. The cost is another factor that determines the material to be used. The white polypropylene is the great chemical resistant material used in this system, which makes is reliable to be more effective and can be used in the long run. It has been researched and found that the clear acrylic glove box is the ideal box for general purpose as it is the solution to all that which helps in processing all the purposes.

Every person who looks forward to buying a system or a tool looks for something which is cost worthy and can give you the benefits so that your expenditure on the same is worthy. So to buy and use these systems you should also be aware of few facts that you need to take care of while using such instruments, in-case of acrylic glove box you should know that an acrylic glove box can get damaged by alcohol and other cleaning agents which might cause you loss. So before buying such systems, you should ask for all the measures to be taken before using it to avoid damages and the loss.

Clear acrylic glove box with no dissipative PVC is one of the good choices which make it better from other materials. This non-dissipative PVC acrylic glove box if better for the operations which are going to deal with corrosions and the chemicals which can lead to corrosion. And in the case of alcohol, it should be kept away as it can also be corrosive and can cause other damage. The transparent static dissipative PVC eliminates the charge due to static and makes it dry so that there is no moisture and it leads to better results. By keeping the box dry, it also helps in keeping it clean and hygienic which further leads to no harmful particles present in the air to get attracted to it the harmful particles may injure the machine and can also give a medical problem. So to save this machine from all germs and other moisture problems, the best material which can be used is the polypropylene which is chemical resistant and allows you to use the instrument without any fear. The features of the    Portable Glove Boxes   are as below:

  • The interior dimensions make it easy to carry from any place and it is easy to clean. The dimensions generally are like 26 ½” Wx17″ Dx17.5″H which gives an additional feature


  • The lift-up front window makes it easy to open and clean easily. The stainless steel frame and a window which is made of PVC and is clear and transparent to have a look for all the processing being followed in the machine. The clear PVC window also allows the easy parts to be transferred from inside the glove box. The opening of the door is measured to be 18″x 18”, which makes it quite easy to clean, and portable. All these measurements are kept with a perspective to make it easy to use and hygienic so that the actual purpose is solved and give a healthy result.


  • The 8″ diameter of the glove box, which can be portable and contain stainless steel clamp, which helps to use with any 8″ standard glove. The standard size and designs are prepared to make things uniform for all people so that the use is common, and only the quality should matter.
  • The other feature provided in this portable glove box is that it has a fully removable gasketed back wall, which helps in operating the machine and involves the large equipment. These features make the system more reliable and famous to use as it provides all facilities, which are a need of the consumer.


  • The polypropylene model has a clear and ready model of clear static dissipative PVC window along with this there is a feature added which provides the fluorescent light to help to look for the system and its working. But one thing to consider is that the light is not vapor proof, hence needs to be taken care regularly


  • There are portable glove boxes, which are air locked, as one internal access door opens inside.

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