Prepping Your Garden for a Fresh Spring

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The idea of spring feels so far away after a long, dreary grey winter but luckily it’s almost here. The best part of spring is being able to go outside in the sun to watch the plants grow and flowers bloom. There’s something truly invigorating about seeing all the green as it returns to the world. Now is the perfect time to start preparing your garden for the season but you may be unsure of where to begin. We have your back and will help you get onto the right track for a beautiful and successful spring.

Prepare Your Tools and Supplies

A good gardener isn’t anything without their tools. Take inventory and make sure you have everything you need for the season. Make sure everything is in working order. This is the perfect time to get the blades on your shears sharpened, and ensuring everything is properly oiled.

You should also make sure that you have enough supplies for the beginning of the season so you’re not scrambling last minute. Make sure you have everything you need–especially fertilizer. It’s best to get this step out of the way before the spring weather truly arrives. 

Time to Clean Things Up

The cooling temperatures of fall and extreme weather of winter have probably wreaked havoc on your garden. Take the time to clean up anything that the storms have left behind. Cleaning up will really help your plants return to life after the winter. Clear out your plant beds and get them back to bare soil, and pull any weeds that may be in the way. It’s also a great time to get your compost started too. 

The host of the DIY Network’s landscaping reality show Yard Crashers, Chris Lambton, told Real Simple, “You want to first start by clearing all of your garden beds and lawn of broken branches, leaves, and other debris that have collected.” He continued, “It’s important to start these chores quickly, as your spring bulbs and plants should be popping out of the ground any day now. The sooner you clean out the beds, the less chance you have of stepping on the growing plants and damaging them.” 

And don’t forget your bushes and trees either. “To prep for spring, trim off any broken or dead branches,” Chris told the site. “Now is also a good time to prune and shape the tree.”


And don’t forget to keep an eye out for any garden pests that can cause you troubles later on.

How to Start Your Compost

Composting is a great way to help your garden while also helping the planet. Composting your organic materials at home cuts down on trash that goes to landfills and can be added to your soil for plant food. You can start your compost in a bin or in a pile– whichever works best for you! 

The best way to start is with the organic material you pulled up while cleaning up your plant beds. (Don’t use weeds though because composting them releases their seeds and can cause them to run rampant in your yard.)  Then start adding things like eggshells, tea bags, fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, and even hair to it.

Make sure your compost is getting plenty of air and moisture or it will start to rot and become smelly. Turn the pile over once a week and soon enough it will turn into a soil that you can sprinkle on your plant beds. Amazing, right?

Get Planning

Know what type of plants you’re thinking of growing this year? You may want to stick with your old favorites, or you may want to get adventurous and try something new– either way, you’re going to need a plan for how you’re going to set up your plant beds. Each type of plant has certain requirements that need to be met. 

“Planning your garden is the most important part,” Lambton told Real Simple. “I like to plant so that you get color blooming throughout the season–so mix perennial flowers with some annuals as this will help keep color in your yard longer. It’s also good to plant according to height, making sure that taller plants don’t block the sun from shorter ones.” 


Soon enough you’ll be ready to start planting and maintaining your beautiful garden!


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