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More than ever, business depends on the availability of its digital assets. Without them, business can quickly grind to a halt to the point customers are left in the dark and employees can no longer do their jobs. That’s why every organization, no matter its size or industry, needs a dependable way to back up and restore their digital data no matter where it lives. However, that’s not always easy given how complex business computing infrastructures tend to be under the hood. A typical environment no longer consists solely of a local network, a server, and a handful of desktop devices. Now, there are complex hybrid storage environments with assets stored either locally or in the cloud. A lot of business computing is now virtualized to increase efficiency, which poses some unique backup and restore challenges of its own.

Acronis Cyber Backup protects your entire VMware vSphere environment. With this software, you can easily back up a single ESX host, virtual machine, or a cluster of VMs to hybrid storage. It’s a complete, flexible solution for both backup and disaster recovery that helps you meet your objectives and keep your business running smoothly. By contrast, a lot of backup and disaster recovery solutions put most of the emphasis on backup itself, but that’s not going to help you get your business back to normal operation if there isn’t a clearly defined recovery strategy as well. Fortunately, this solution is built with recovery time objectives (RTOs) in mind. Especially in situations where every second counts, this helps you minimize or even eliminate any disruption to your business following things like ransomware attacks and other threats to your data.

Acronis Cyber Backup lets you recover your virtual machines to bare metal servers as well, even if they are running hardware from different vendors. Most recovery operations take as little as 15 seconds, making it the perfect solution for mission-critical systems. Moreover, it greatly reduces your total cost of ownership by scaling protection according to demand. In fact, it supports up to 2,000 devices per management server to accommodate large enterprise workloads. It also supports Oracle, Clustered Microsoft SQL Servers, and Microsoft Exchange. With streamlined data protection, you can greatly reduce the burden on the IT department when recovering your digital assets. For starters, they won’t have to spend time reinstalling operating systems and applications when a virtual machine or host fails. You can keep your vSphere backups in five different locations for extra protection too. Acronis Cyber Backup supports local hard drives, network-attached storage systems, storage area networks, tape drives, and the secure cloud storage facility operated by Acronis itself.

The latest edition of Acronis Cyber Backup was launched on June 12, 2020. It protects over 20 platforms regardless of the size or location, whether it’s hosted in-house or remotely, on servers, desktops, or mobile devices. The newest edition now includes both a 32-bit and 64-bit installation file for Windows, and it’s possible to generate an MST file on the machine where the agent is already installed. Acronis Cyber Backup Update 5 also supports several new operating systems including macOS 10.15 and Ubuntu 19.04 thru 20.04.

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