Quickbooks 1327 Drive not discovered Error SOLVED 

Source: https://penzu.com/journals/23037595/57352566

Quickbooks won’t introduce any updates and creates a mistake 1327: 

{drive letter} doesn’t exist – even careful the drive exists. I put in a couple of days attempting to reload, experiencing the library and endeavoring to reload Quickbooks. Following a few days of nothing, I ran over 2 library sections that couldn’t have any connection to Quickbooks, however now anything may work. Evidently, I altered the PICTURES area from C:\ to my G:\ drive a couple of month prior. Quickbooks was refreshing after this change so once more, in what manner can now this be a blunder. So in a last discard endeavor to get Quickbooks working, I altered the vault (I presumably could have done it by right tapping on the PICTURES organizer and evolving areas) to %USERPROFILES%\pictures. I hit SAVE and restarted Quickbooks and endeavored the refreshed – amazingly it worked! 

Perhaps a Windows update joined with the Windows Installer according to Quickbooks alongside a minor sun powered obscuration and 2 stars being in arrangement in addition to I shaved my correct side of my face first with my new shaving cream at 6:15am made this work.You can check also check out QBOA Login.


Whichever way issue fathomed! 

At the point when you begin to introduce, you get QuickBooks Error 1327, which references an invalid drive. 


Back up your Registry. 

Select Start> Run> and afterward type Regedit. 

Explore to the accompanying envelope: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders 

In the correct board, scan for passages that rundown the drive letter expressed in the blunder 

Adjust the wrong drive to highlight C:\ 

Attempt the update again – if effective – re alter library to point back to appropriate drives on the off chance that you transformed anything you need