Rebirth – Do you believe it! (Chapter 1)

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Rebirth – Do you believe it! (Chapter 1)

“Oh my gosh”…yaaaa! Kasha shouted on the top of her voice with tears and happiness she couldn’t believe that her pregnancy test showed positive. She came out of the bathroom ran to make a call to Neil her husband, but she stopped and thought to surprise him with this news.

It was 6 o’clock, time for Neil to be back from the office she kept her pregnancy test ready. As soon as Neil came in he had flowers in his hands for her, Kasha was shocked. She asks him why these flowers suddenly? Neil replied to her, isn’t it’s 19th January today? She said yes… Neil said your dad passed away just a day before your birthday, so brought them in his remembrance.

Kasha hugged Neil this had doubled her happiness within her. She started crying, Neil said, “awww I didn’t mean to make you cry, babe”.

She told she needs some water, there is a cup in the kitchen to get for her. As Neil goes to get the cup, at the bottom of the cup there was a note ” we are expecting”.

Neil was overwhelmed with emotions and saw Kasha showing him her pregnancy test. He hugged her tight and screamed loudly”I love you” just love you, babe.

The next day was Kasha’s birthday and they wanted to announce this news to both their families.

baby dove
DLF India baby dove

They invited them for dinner. Everything was arranged well, Kasha was glowing and this was noticed by all, especially kasha’s mother in law. It was at the dinner table, Neil raised a toast, ” to all the lovely people present here for Kasha’s birthday, thank you for coming, but we also have special news to share.. ” we are expecting a baby “.

There was a huge sound of cheer and happiness for the couple. Blessings and advice for the new parents poured in from everyone. It was a wonderful evening and the best birthday kasha ever had.

Months had passed and Kasha was due in a couple of days. It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon Kasha and Neil were sleeping when suddenly Kasha woke up shouting, “Neil…Neil wake up, my water bag is leaking!” Neil was all panicked and told her to hold on. He got all the things ready which they had packed as per the instructions from the hospital.

Neil told Kasha to hold his hand and take baby steps so that they can reach the elevator and they drive to the hospital. Kasha agreed and drove to the hospital…


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