What Is The Recommended Amount Of Food For A Doberman?

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Depending on their age, weight, and other factors, Dobermans require a lot of food. Find out what their food needs are and more, here.

Many factors ought to be taken into account before choosing how much food to feed your dog, including its size, age, and breed.

What Is The Recommended Amount Of Food For A Doberman?

Generally speaking, a healthy adult Doberman dog will require up to 7 cups of dry dog food per day, but puppies and small dogs may only need a cup or two.

Puppies require one to two times their own body weight in food per day, while adults require at least two times their own weight.

Doberman puppies require an average of 1-2 adult meals per day to maintain their strength and size during the first month of their lives.

Puppies up to eight weeks old need about three to four kilograms of food per day (about twice their birth weight), and puppies over eight weeks old need about four to six kilograms of food per day.

Consequently, larger puppies need more food, but they grow faster and can be fed less; smaller puppies need more. Smaller dogs can be fed less, but they grow slower and may need more as they age.

It is important to know how much a puppy should eat at specific ages, and we are here to help.

Doberman puppies 2 to 3 weeks old:

When Doberman puppies are only 2 to 3 weeks old, they do not require solid food. They only need their mother’s milk.

At this age, you don’t need to worry about providing them with proper nutrition, as the mother will provide it with just enough.

Doberman puppies between 4 and 5 weeks old:

At this age, puppies are usually not introduced to solid foods. Their only food is milk.

As a puppy, it is important for the human to know that he is sufficiently fed throughout the day. If the puppy doesn’t like a particular food, he will refuse to eat it.

Doberman puppies 6 to 7 weeks old:

The puppy should be able to eat half a cup of puppy food (high in protein) every day mixed with water. This will ensure that the puppy is getting enough food and the nutrients he needs for optimum growth.

Doberman puppies aged 8 to 9 weeks:

Two-month-old Doberman puppies should drink between two and three cups of water per day to stay hydrated and clean their teeth.

An average healthy 2-month-old Doberman weighs around 45 pounds, which means that the puppy needs around 3.5 pounds of food every day to stay healthy and lean.

Doberman puppies between 10 and 11 weeks old:

A 10-11 week-old puppy should eat between 2-3 cups of food per day. Puppies tend to eat more than adults.

Those who breed advanced puppies may need to feed them more than a normal 10- or 11-week-old puppy, but this should not be a significant increase.

A three-month-old Doberman:

Puppies require a diet that meets their nutritional needs while keeping it healthy and lean.

Three-month-old Doberman puppies need about 2-3 cups of dry dog food per day, divided into small meals. This will provide the nutrients they need to grow and develop, without overfilling them.

A four-month-old Doberman:

Instead of feeding a dog a specific amount of food, it is best to measure what it has been eating. Dogs of different sizes and activity levels will require different amounts of food.

A five-month-old Doberman:

This age group of pups should consume about 1.6kcal/kg of food each day, with about 400kcal/kg of protein and 400kcal/kg of fat (both healthy and unhealthy fats).

To determine the puppy’s daily caloric requirements, add 2 to 3 cups of food to his weight in pounds, divide by 4, then multiply the total by 5 to find out how many calories he needs.

A six-month-old Doberman:

In order to maintain a healthy weight, adult Dobermans need between 2 and 4 pounds of food per day.

Record your Doberman’s food intake over a period of several days and measure it.

Doberman 7 months old:

In accordance with the American Kennel Club, a 7-month-old Doberman Pinscher should drink 8-12 cups of water per day, consume 3 cups of high-quality, hypoallergenic food at every meal, and consume 4-5 cups of food per day.

Doberman 8 months old:

At eight months of age, your dog’s food needs will have increased drastically. At this age, he is ready to transition from using his paws to using his teeth.

You can feed them up to 4-6.5 cups of food regularly at this age, without any hesitation. They definitely need those calories.

Doberman puppy 9 months old:

By nine months of age, doberman puppies should be weaned off solid food.

The amount for this age would be approximately 4-7 cups of dry food, so they can chew and eat their food using their new teeth. They should also enjoy the flavor, and the amount would be perfect.

Doberman 10 months old:

As a 10-month-old doesn’t grow too much in this one month, they generally eat about the same as a 9-month-old. Be sure to feed them about 4-7 cups of milk daily at this age to ensure they get all the nutrients they need.

Doberman Overfeeding Or Underfeeding?

Dogs are individuals, and what works for one dog may not work for another.

If you are overfeeding or underfeeding your dog, there are a few ways to tell.

When your Doberman’s weight has been staying the same but he is still craving food, you may be overfeeding him.

It is common for your Doberman to eat until its bowl is clean, and then look to you for more. If you have fed him too much, he may refuse to eat for a few hours.

This is a wonderful way to determine how much kibble your doggie is eating, and it’s a lot cheaper than purchasing a traditional food feeder.

Food feeders will also measure out treats so you can give your Doberman some extra goodies if they are good.

When Should You Feed Your Doberman?

As Doberman Pinschers are highly susceptible to bloat, they should be fed according to their weight, which is usually measured in pounds per 50 pounds of body weight.

Doberman Pinschers aren’t actually motivated by food, so they’ll eat when they’re absolutely starving. Make sure they eat regularly, but also not irregularly, to ensure they’re eating properly.

In general, you should feed your Dobermans twice a day so that they don’t feel bloated or starved.

Feeding Time Recommendation

A Doberman should be fed twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

A good time would be between 11 am and 1 pm in the morning, followed by roughly 6 pm and 8 pm in the afternoon/evening, since they tend to be hungry later in the afternoon.

This schedule can be changed as you desire. Going 1-2 hours up or down won’t hurt. However, make sure they get the necessary nutrients on time at least twice a day.


Dog owners and veterinarians alike agree that Doberman Pinschers require a lot of food to stay healthy.

Younglings need half a cup to one cup of food per day, while adults need up to 7 cups. Depending on their age, feed them 2-4 times daily. Don’t overfeed or underfeed them.

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