RTS Intercom Systems For Radio Broadcasting

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RTS is an industry chief in giving minimal plans and assembling an expert radio framework. With more than 40 years in the radio market, the organization has given outstanding outcomes in the field of little house creation and the ADAM framework utilized on the telecom stations. RTS is committed to giving creative innovation in the field of systems administration and intends to help the eventual fate of worldwide interchanges.

Enhancing the Future of Telecom industry

RTS consolidates groundbreaking of usefulness including true assembling items and prevalent sound quality. The RTS group of advanced items is been generally utilized by proficient organizations all through the world. Today, the most recent improvement in IP innovation has changed the way how media transmission work. Most significant system facilitators have just moved to the norms of OMNEO IP innovation.

Not just this, RTS Intercom Systems are likewise versatile and can be matched with a wide range of broadcasting items. This remembers for house correspondence channels, live diversion, and a safeguard correspondence framework in the top of the line labs.

At RTS, our first concern is to consistently give the greatest profitability in a framework, subsequently, the entirety of our items is in reverse good. This methodology permits our clients to make a flawless inheritance framework and spare their interest over the long haul. Regardless of whether you have an enormous association or a little, we have a worldwide correspondence approach for the entirety of our clients.

RTS Voiceover Network

RVON is an ongoing innovative assessment in the RTS group of correspondence items. The system encourages you to associate with various subnets over a significant distance. The voice encoder is utilized to pack advanced sound and utilize low bitrates for transmission over the versatile web. The high-pressure sound codec is appropriate for significant distance satellite transmission and spots where the transfer speed quality is low. An RVON grid can be utilized with another RVON matric to offer broadened help anyplace on the planet.

AIO Audio

You can likewise utilize the Analog Input Output (AIO) card to set up a bi-directional connection between various keyboards, nonexclusive simple gadgets, and an advanced grid. Every sound association utilizes a lot of various wires to make a fair electronic sign. This is useful to impart the simple sound sign to an expansive separation. AIO can be utilized with RJ45 or RJ12 connectors.

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Keyboard Legacy Support

Try not to inconvenience yourself over the huge venture of keyboards. Our heritage keyboards work with various distinctive lattice items and give a nitty-gritty core value to improvement. Here AIO is the empowering component of sign arrangement.

Extra Support Services

You can likewise depend on the Telex radio framework for correspondence in a control room and creation room. The wire gives a radio framework, however it likewise offers broadened help for crucial interchanges. This incorporates radio dispatch frameworks, flying arrangements, paging mouthpieces, and different remote frameworks.

RTS Intercom System Features


The RTS radio framework is an effectively expandable framework by naming various licenses or ODIN units. Start from 16 ports, you can stretch out this up to 128 ports. You can likewise associate 8 units in a work and make a consistent 1024-ports framework. No contending item in this class offers this much adaptability.

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The radio framework bolsters 4-wire and 2-wire broadcasting availability segments, with all the very good quality sound frameworks.

Easy to understand

These items arrive in an easy to use interface, everybody with practically zero information can without much of a stretch arranges it.


The radio framework requires less space, force, and cooling framework in hotter conditions.


The port mix of the framework is exceptionally adaptable. You can without much of a stretch adjust the connectors and join uncommon sheets required.


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