Sar Pass Trek

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About Trekking at Sar Pass

Sar Pass trek will let you, the traveller, experience it all, starting from trekking through forests of pine and groves of rhododendrons, to camping in the high-altitude Grahan Village. The trek allows the takers to witness the Himalayas covered in lush greens and pristine white in Kasol, a small village perched at the height of 1580m in Parvati Valley, located in the Kullu. The Sar Pass trek is gaining popularity as a favourite amongst those seeking adventure in Kasol or Kullu. 
The Sar Pass Trek difficulty level has an easy to moderate, with average trekking distance of 7-9 km per day, and average time spent trekking goes up to 7 hours. The temperature during the trek varies from 0 degrees to -20 degrees, depending greatly on whether it is night or day. Even small factors like whether you are under the shade or in direct sunlight can have a significant impact on your body temperature for the exciting Sar Pass Trek. Make sure to follow your trekking expert’s instructions and make the most of this splendid journey.      

Trekking trip to Sar Pass will start from the Kasol base camp. On the day one of trekking you will be trekking to Grahan Village, which is one of the beautiful villages in Parvati Valley.  The trek route to Grahan Village from Kasol goes through the lush green forest of Pinewood, Deodars and Rhododendrons. It is a frequent trail used by the locals. It will take 4-5 hrs to reach Grahan Village. Till evening you will reach there.

During this expedition, you can experience the hospitality of Grahan Village for two nights, either in a guesthouse/lodge or as part of a homestay. Apart from this, you also have the option of experience camping at Grahan Village for the two nights! Enjoy the life-altering experience of camping under the stars!

On the second day of Sar Pass Trekking, experience the most fantastic sunrise from the Grahan Village campsite and after getting ready you will be a trek to Mung Thach. Again it is the most beautiful trek you will experience during the trekking. Another speciality of the second-day trek is you will have a chance to get amazed by the Chanderkhani stretch. Next day your trekking will start from Mung Thach to Nagaru. The fourth day of trekking will be the most important day when you will experience Sar Pass.  After experiencing this beautiful place, your day fourth will conclude at Biskeri. On the fifth day, your trip will find, but the adventure you have experienced will never be forgotten. 

About Location
The valley Parvati, Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful valleys which is full of natural wonders. It is also famous among trekkers from all around the World. There are various trek routes exists in Parvati Valley where the most favoured and adventurous way is -” Sar Pass Trek”. There is a reason behind the name of Sar Pass. According to the locals, the lake is referred to as “Sar” in their local language. While on the way from Tila Lotni to Biskeri bridge you will pass through the frozen lake. Which is identified by locals as “Sar”. It is one of the most popular treks in the Shivalik mountain ranges. This trek challenges the strength of trekkers. It is one of the high altitude treks in Himachal Pradesh.  

The speciality of this trek route is that each place you will pass through is the most beautiful place. Throughout the trekking, you will be in awe. The Sar Pass Trek height is 13,850 feet above sea level which makes it the high altitude trek. The base camp to start trekking is Kasol base camp. Kasol is also a popular tourist place and also known as “Mini Israel of Himalayas”. This place is surrounded by lush green alpine meadows, Deodar tree forests, Pinewood forests and Rhododendrons. This small town is located near the banks of the Parvati river. Another speciality of Kasol is that it is near another tourist destination, i.e. Manikaran and Barshaini. Manikaran is the place where two religions Hinduism and Sikhism confluence where Barshaini is famous as the base village for kheer Ganga trekking.

The Sar Pass Trekking trail is blessed by the dense green forests, crystal clear waterfalls, thrilling trails, several species of Himalayan plants and flowers. The first campsite Grahan Village is the remote village on the route. Here you will experience the traditional architectured houses built years ago and amazed that till now they are as it is. Min thatch is an open place in remoteness like a ground where locals used to feed their cattle. The last camping location before Sar Pass is Nagaru. The top of the pass is the most beautiful. From there you will experience the marvellous views of Himalayan Peaks, Valleys and forests. Becker is again a beautiful place with lush green meadows. Another speciality of Bishkeri is here you will have a chance to observe species of Himalayan birds. It is an excellent place to spend a night under the open sky and with twinkling stars.  

All locations are most picturesque and enough to quench the thirst of photography.   
Activities to Do
The main activity while accessing Sar Pass is Trekking. Another event is camping, bird watching and photography. All these Villages you will pass through are remote. So by having camped, there will be the most beautiful experience. There you can experience the most amazing views of the galaxy. A full bill feeling will remain throughout out trekking. Capture all the moments and scenic views for the lifetime memory, so whenever required, you can call them through photographs. While trekking at the higher altitudes, you will experience many rare species of Himalayan birds which makes the trekking interesting.  


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