Should Bunnies Drink Out of a Water Bowl? (Read this First!)

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Our bunnies are a big part of our hearts. These little creatures are so adorable, and we want to give them everything they need. Drinking from a bowl instead of a bottle seems to make them feel at home.

We will now discuss whether bunnies can drink from a bowl. We’ll explore the reasons behind it and what to look for when choosing a water bowl for them. So stay tuned to learn more about it.

Should Bunnies Drink Out of a Water Bowl?

Rabbits should drink from a bowl. It is best for them to drink water out of a bowl instead of from a water bottle. 

Lapping from a bowl seems more natural for rabbits, as it makes sure the water isn’t going to be spilled or clogged when they try to drink it. 

Bowls are also useful because they make sure that the water stays in the bowl, away from the bunny’s fur if need be.

Bunnies need a lot of water to stay healthy. You should ensure that they always have easy access to water, and bowls are the best way to do so.

Bunnies who eat plenty of fresh grass and leaves should drink less water than those who eat dried hay. Both groups, however, need access to water.

It is much easier for a bunny to drink from a bowl than it is from their water bottle. Plus, drinking out of a bowl is more natural for bunnies. Wild bunnies often drink out of bowls, potholes, reservoirs, ponds, and other sources of water.

For some rabbits, drinking out of a water bottle can be unnatural. They may spill liquid while using the water bottle too. Furthermore, in the winter–or any time it’s cold outside–the spout of the bottle may get clogged with ice and snow.

The water in the bottle will freeze if the bunnies live outside. To avoid this inconvenience, you should put water into a bowl for them to drink.

Baby bunnies:

Bottle feeding is hard on baby rabbits and they often don’t have the energy to drink from them. A bowl, however, is much more convenient because they can simply drink like a normal animal.

A rabbit with a bottle risks getting water stuck in the spout, which can make it difficult to get the dropper out. That kind of issue isn’t common when using a bowl.

When a bowl is down, the water won’t be spilled over. It’ll be easy for bunnies to drink the water without difficulty. They’ll have easy access to water thanks to having a water bowl in front of them.

Will Bunnies Drink Out Of A Bowl?

Sure, there are lots of animals that will drink water from a bowl. In fact, it can be more convenient for them.

Animals can drink water straight from a bowl without spilling any of the water on themselves.

The water bowls are great for bunnies. While drinking from a water bottle, they tend to spill the liquid all over themselves. Sometimes the bottle even gets clogged by natural elements, like bugs in the water or, more commonly, ice.

Water bowls are easy to use and maintain; so you don’t need to worry about problems that might come from storing water in the wrong container.

My bunnies prefer drinking from a water bowl. If given the option of drinking from a water bottle or a water bowl, they’ll always pick the water bowl. They drink out of bowls for sure.

2 Reasons Why Bunnies Can Drink From A Water Bowl

Bunnies are able to drink water from bowls for two main reasons.

Natural way of drinking:

Bunnies are naturally drawn to sources of water that are open in the wild, such as lakes and ponds.

So a water bowl is made to resemble those open sources and will allow your bunnies to drink in a natural way.

Perhaps the most convenient things about water bowls is that they are easy to clean and fill up. They are also affordable and easy to replace with similar products.

If your water source is outside during the winter, a water bowl has much less of a chance to break. Bottles will most likely break when water freezes, due to the weight and shaking.

Less risk of spilling water:

Bunnies don’t spill much water when they drink from a bowl than when they drink from a cup. They spill water all over themselves when drinking from a bottle and lose a lot.

When they drink from a bowl, bunnies are less likely to spill water. You’ll need to make sure you’re changing the water daily, though.

You should also clean out the bowl and maintain it regularly to keep your bunnies healthy.

How Do Bunnies Drink Water From A Bowl?

Bunnies prefer drinking water from a bowl since it’s more comfortable for them. They can use their natural posture to drink the water, whereas when they drink from a bottle or feeder, they have to shift their posture to reach the container.

One of the best features about PetSafe Drinkwell Outdoor Dog and Cat water bowl is that it filters around 75 gallons of water per day, removing any impurities. 

This can be great for your furry friend who might need more hydration than they would get from a normal bowl. It also offers your bunny familiarity and comfort!

The chance of them spilling any water is minimized with a water bowl. However, you will have to clean the water bowl regularly. 

The bowl catches dirt easily, so you’ll have to clean it up often. Check the water level often too and change it as needed.

Should I Have My Bunny/Rabbit Use A Water Bowl Or Water Bottle?

There are pros and cons to both water bowls and bottles for bunnies. Let’s take a look at what makes them different, and when you would use one over the other.

Using a water bowl has many advantages over using a water bottle. For example, the rabbits will drink less water and will not waste any while they do so. 

They’ll also only spill a small amount of water instead of the excessive amounts that occur from using water bottles.

The water bowls are a great way to keep the water temperature consistent, which isn’t the case with water bottles.

The most important benefit of a water bowl is that it resembles the natural open source that rabbits use in the wild. 

This means they can drink from a water bowl while maintaining their natural posture, which is always better than drinking out of a water bottle.

How To Choose A Water Bowl For Your Bunny?

Here’s how you can choose a water bowl for your bunny:

Avoid plastic:

If you’re looking for the best possible bowl for your bunny, avoid plastic. Plastic bowls are not healthy because they can hold on to bacteria and make it last much longer.

If you want to make healthier choices with your pet’s water dish, choose ceramic or metal. These materials are safer than plastic and provide a more durable long-term solution for your pet.

Metal and ceramic bowls are usually a better choice for bunnies because they won’t get scratched and will last for longer. 

Plastic bowls, on the other hand, tend to get scratched really easily and won’t last long. Alternatively, stainless steel is a nice option if you’re looking for something new.

Choose a right size:

Young rabbits need a dish that is the appropriate size for them. If you’re using a dish for a young rabbit, make sure that the dish isn’t too large for them or they won’t be able to drink from it.

For a young bunny, you’ll need a bowl that is less than 550 ml in size. A common size for bowls on a bunny is 550 ml.

This will be perfect for an adult rabbit. The ideal diameter would be 5 inches across.

Clean the bowl:

It’s important to keep your rabbit’s water bowl clean, so make sure you get the right supplies. It should be cleaned daily and thoroughly before adding fresh water to it.

Clean your rabbit’s bowl thoroughly every couple of days to avoid a buildup of food, water and urine that can lead to a less than healthy lifestyle for your rabbit.

Final Thoughts

Bunnies can drink out of a water bowl. A 5-inch diameter, 550 ml size water bowl is best for keeping your bunnies hydrated.

The water dish is similar to the natural open source rabbits are accustomed to drinking from.

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