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Digital workflows are transforming every industry sector, and construction is no exception. With the right blend of software and processes, there are many ways to improve efficiency, especially when it comes to back-office routines like handling project costs or planning building layouts and the like. The challenge lies in the fact that many contractors find themselves using many different software tools to the point it gets very complicated to keep track of everything. In a typical manufacturing company, it is easy to find organizational and operational silos where every department has to use completely different software which doesn’t work well together. When that happens, collaboration and efficiency are the first to suffer, which also means costs go up and projects take longer to complete.

Enter BuilderSYS, a selection of software modules tailored to the unique needs of general contractors, subcontractors, building owners and project investors. These software modules include takeoff software, project cost estimation tools, job management apps, project management and automation, and many other free and premium features for you to take advantage of. All tools are designed for Windows 10 64-bit. There is over a dozen completely free modules too. Free trials are also available, with the only restriction being that you cannot edit the builder name or details. Whether you need a platform to simplify accounting and budgeting processes or manage projects of any complexity, BuilderSYS has a module for you. Other modules include ones tailored to the unique needs and challenges of quality assurance and compliance teams and more.

Powerful takeoff software

With complex building projects, it can end up taking weeks or even months to determine the total budget and provide an accurate quote to the client. But it is also important to get things right the first time round to keep your reputation strong and stick within the agreed budget. BuilderSYS sets the industry standard in plan viewing and advanced takeoff software. The modules for takeoff and measuring let you view takeoff plans either in the PDF format or as industry-standard CAD output files. You can calculate any measurements in an instant and accurately estimate the amount of material needed. Even when it comes to working with complex areas and large volumes, you can keep projects from going over budget with high speed and accuracy every time.

Manage your workforce

Your employees are at the heart of everything you do, so the more informed they are about a project in progress, the better. BuilderSYS features the powerful jobs management modules for tracking site details, documents, and payments. It helps managers keep track of job details and progress, manage their contract documents, share project documents easily, process claims, and more. Another important benefit of these modules is that they help you keep track of regulatory compliance. Aside from having a centralized and readily accessible repository of important project files, you can easily distribute up to date information and ensure compliance with workplace health and safety rules. Finally, premium module users can take advantage of additional project management and automation tools for as little as AU$59.95 or US$49.95 per month. Premium modules are also free until the end of 2020. Get started with the free trial version or download your free modules today at .


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