So, The Contract Is Complete

So, The Contract Is Complete

So, The Contract Is Complete







Hey there… I’m new to all this blogging malarkey, so bear with me while I ramble on and on… also, I am writing this on an iPhone (an old one) with huge, fat thumbs… so I apologise for any typos and stuff…

Anywayz, I’m Dave McCluskey… I am an author from Liverpool in the UK. I don’t own any pets unless you count an 11-year-old daughter!!!

I have written 5 novels so far (my 6th which is more a novella drops in October), I have also written and produced 4 graphic novels and numerous comics…

I’m here today to talk to you about my latest novel The Contract.

This is a serial killer, FBI story, but it has a supernatural feel to it also… it is a stand-alone book, but is the first in a trilogy…

There are a number of murders happening through the USA, grisly murders with two things in common; all the victims are known criminals or wrongdoers, and at each murder, there is a calling card. A single white feather.

Agents Symes and Cox are on the case with very little to go on.

Only when the bodies begin to stack up do they realise that there is something strange about the perpetrator!!!

I wrote this story a few years ago and had left it on my TO BE LOOKED AT LATER shelf… there was something missing with it that I couldn’t put my finger on… only after a Chance meeting with another local author, did that piece fall into place…?

So, The Contract Is Complete

So, The Contract Is Complete

I met C William Giles (Craig) via his long term girlfriend, and we hit it off… both with a love for the supernatural and dark fiction… I mentioned the story to him, he read my notes and loved it.

We bounced off each other for a few drafts and got the story to exactly where we wanted it. We commissioned local artist Stephen Harper (folklore art) to do the cover and we were both on the same page… we talked about fleshing the story out to 3 parts and even put the sketches in place.

In March 2019 I got a phone call from Craig’s girlfriend’s sister… Craig has unexpectedly passed away!!!

To say I was shocked is an understatement…

I have dedicated the book to his memory, and his name will proudly be displayed on the title pages of the other 2 books in this series.

So The Contract is complete, and it will be available on Amazon Kindle in ebook and physical form from searching for me D E McCluskey or C William Giles.

Thanks for reading my blog… and let’s hope I have enticed you enough to read the book…



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