Spiti Valley Road Trip Tour Package, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

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Spiti – when we hear this name, an image of a snow-clad scene with high mountains shows up in our creative mind. The truth of the matter is that this spot is more lovely than our vision. 


It will be the most delightful experience of an amazing excursion, which you will recall until the end of time. During the winters, this land turns into the snow wonderland as we find in the motion pictures. The entire region gets white and secured with a thick sheet of white day off. It will be a surprising excursion of your life. This voyage through 7 Nights/8 Days gives you the chance to investigate this wonderland during winters. You will be astounded to perceive how this zone is so phenomenal. It will give you goosebumps and gives the sentiment of Shang Ri La type thing. 


Your outing will begin from the cleanest and greenest city of India that is just Chandigarh. The energizing thing about Chandigarh is that it is the capital of two expresses that is Haryana and Punjab. This excursion is the ideal eight days trip where experience and rush with all of you the time. During on the way to Spiti in winters, you will be going through the snow-secured streets, mountains, and valleys. Encountering the below zero temperatures will be the reward that you have never experienced till now. The stay on the very first moment will be at the Narkanda, which is the excellent spot close Shimla where you can encounter widely varied vegetation of this district. The second-day ride will begin toward the beginning of the day and the spots you will visit Sangla, Rakcham, Chitkul. Chitkul is the last Indian town close to the China fringe from the Himachal Pradesh side. On the day third, you will encounter the grand perspectives if Kinnaur Valley, and your ride will be from Chitkul to Kalpa. Day four, you will invest energy visiting Kalpa, Nako, Gue Mummy, Tabo. From fifth to the 6th day, you will visit Kaza with different attractions like Pin Valley, Key Monastery, Hikkim, Komik. On the second a day ago, you will be moved to Kaza to Kalpa, and the end day, your outing will end at Shimla. All these eight days, you will spend to see the marvels of northeastern Himachal Pradesh, and after the visit, recollections will be with you for eternity. 


About the Location 


Spiti Valley is arranged in the northeastern piece of Himachal Pradesh. It is a virus desert valley and situated at a normal rise of 12,500 feet at the center Himalayas. The significance of the name Spiti is-“The Middle Land.” The name of this valley is identified with the geological truth that it is in the center among India and Tibet. The other fascinating reality about this valley is – It is the least populated territory in India. The populace thickness is very low,i.e., 2 Inhabitants/Square Kilometer. Prior the entire area was partitioned into two sections as Lahaul locale and Spiti region. Later they converged into one Lahaul-Spiti in 1960. The authoritative headquarter of this area is Keylong. The entire zone is extended in 13,833 Sq. Km. 


High Himalayan mountains encompass the entire territory. The Kunzum Pass cuts off Lahaul and Spiti at the rise of 15,059 feet above ocean level, which makes it astounding. Here the predominant religion is Buddhism and is like Buddhism followed in Ladakh and Tibet. During Winters, Spiti stays cut off from the remainder of India till eight months because of substantial snowfall and brutal climatic conditions.


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