Suffering From Constipation? Try These 7 Underrated Herbal Treatments

Suffering From Constipation? Try These 7 Underrated Herbal Treatments

Suffering From Constipation? Try These 7 Underrated Herbal Treatments

Each one of us had faced the demon called constipation in our lives. What are the exact causes of constipation? Generally, I have seen that whenever I have deviated from my normal course of eating or undergo any change in my eating habits I am faced with constipation causing me much discomfort.

Stomach cramps, feeling of being full, discomfort, passing foul gas and losing the will to eat are all the side effects of constipation. The stomach feels bloated and we do not feel light inside.

What do you do when faced with constipation? We run towards laxatives or equivalent instead of eating fire rich diet and increasing the intake of water. Excess eating of proteins and carbohydrates also triggers off constipation. be sure to include fiber-rich food, fruits, and salad to your diet. read below to find the home remedies.

Constipation Remedies

Rather than choosing laxatives, stool softeners and fibre dietary supplements, try these underrated ingredients to get comfort from constipation naturally. You will love them!


  • Beans and lentils can prevent constipation
  • Drink plenty of water to hold constipation at bay
  • Workout regularly to prevent constipation

Constipation is something that many human beings face. If surveys performed formerly are to be believed, as much as 22% of the country’s grownup population suffer from constipation. Constipation is emerging to be one of the most commonplace problems because of poor weight loss program and lifestyle habits.

Loss of fibre-rich ingredients and now not consuming sufficient water are of the maximum commonplace motives for constipation. Lack of exercising also can be a reason. Ensure you include fibre-rich meals like raw fruits and greens to your diet, drink plenty of water and workout often.

Following is a list of 7 underrated Herbal Treatments and natural foods that may provide comfort from constipation


Apples, the one fruit that you may have every day for excellent health, is composed of numerous compounds like fructose, fibre and sorbitol, that may help in improving digestion and preventing constipation. Apples and pears are fruits which have high degrees of water, which is another reason why they will be effective in preventing constipation. Consume uncooked, complete apples with their pores and skin to attain most benefits from apples.


A kind of dried fruit, prunes can work as a natural remedy for constipation. A study posted in important reviews in food science and nutrients, dried plums or prunes can prevent constipation. Prunes comprise soluble fibre, iron, potassium, boron and phenolic compounds.


A medium-sized kiwi contains 2.5 gms of fibre in conjunction with lots of vitamins and nutrients which might be essential for excellent health. Consuming kiwis often can increase bowel movements in people with constipation.


Beans are fibre-rich meals that can be awesome for managing constipation. They include both soluble and insoluble fibre that enables the food to keep moving through intestines, for this reason presenting relief from constipation.

Sweet potatoes

They can be consumed as a snack or be prepared in the form of a meal or even as a side dish. The essential factor to understand is that sweet potatoes are rich in fibre this is required to hold constipation at bay. Sweet potatoes also are ultimate healthy foods that may improve intestine fitness, eye health, aid the immune system and enhance brain function.


Lentils are rich in protein and fibre. They can be included in a weight reduction diet and have to be eaten often in case you face constipation issues.


Kefir is a probiotic that works wonders in terms of enhancing your gut health. It is a fermented milk beverage. Probiotics like kefir can boom the frequency of stool and enhance its consistency. It reduces the time foods passes via intestines and accelerates bowel movements.

Rather than choosing laxatives, stool softeners and fibre supplements, try these underrated foods to get comfort from constipation naturally. You are going to love them!

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