Switching to Organic Skincare Treatment

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What’s all the hype about natural and organic skincare?  Does it really make that much of a difference? Why would I switch from my Clinique or Lancome products that have clearly been tried and tested?  How soon will I know if the treatment is working or more effective than my current methods?

These are great questions.  We’re all a bit skeptical about making changes to our skincare products and treatments because 

1) It’s typically expensive 

2) What if we have a bad reaction? 

3) Our face is the first thing people usually notice.  

These are valid reasons to feel uneasy about switching products; however, what if the opposite happens?  What if we can find natural, organic solutions that cost no more than what we pay now? What if our skin loves the new products and the products can make our skin smoother and glowing? Really, the bottom line is that you will never know unless you try.  And what would it hurt to try?

Going Organic

Organic skincare treatments are made up of natural ingredients. These ingredients are chemical-free, so there are fewer toxins being applied to your skin.  Fewer toxins mean fewer chances of being linked to one of the treatments that lead to cancer later on. Additionally, consider the skincare industry.  Many of the products on the market are not properly regulated, many of them test their products on animals, and many of them are harmful to the environment, because of what and how they make their products.  If these skincare treatments would harm animals or the environment, why don’t you think they would harm you? How can you feel good about using products that contain chemicals like formaldehyde, phthalates, nitrosamines, etc?  The other argument is that because women typically layer their skincare products, sometimes a bad toxin is a result. For instance, most women use a cleanser, a moisturizer, a base/foundation, and so forth. As each product is applied, different chemicals in different products will begin reacting to each other.

More Nutrients, Better Ingredients, Real Results

If correctly compounded, organic skincare treatments will provide smoothing, nutrient-filled oils and creams that can heal your skin and preserve its softness.  Now, this is not to say that all organic treatments are good for your skin. Generally speaking, natural and organic products will be less harmful, because they contain natural ingredients, free of pesticides and other chemicals.  However, that is not to say that you will necessarily react optimally to every natural or organic treatment. Your skin could still become dry or irritated. However, it’s less likely to happen, because it’s chemical-free.

Natural, organic skincare treatment can still accomplish the solutions chemical-based products can.  In fact, natural products rely on more pure ingredients, which are infused with natural nutrients. Chemical-based products are typically devoid of such nutrients and have to make that up with even more chemicals in their formulation.  Natural, organic products can get you to your skincare goals in a healthy, safe way.

Consider the benefits over time.  You won’t feel a difference in your skincare overnight.  It will likely take several applications, before you feel the difference and see the results.  Think about the absorption rate of what you put on your skin. Our bodies absorb a percentage of the treatments we put on them—whether it’s make-up, sunscreen, lotions, cleansers, creams, etc.  Over time, how much of those chemicals will we have absorbed? What impact does that have on our skin or our insides?

Natural is Where It’s At

Now, think about absorbing natural treatments that are derived from coconut oil, avocados, honey, etc?  The natural nutrients from these ingredients will also be absorbed. What kind of impact would that have on your skin over time?  Which would you rather have? The chemical-based treatment or the natural, organic one?


It’s not rocket science.  Everything you’ve read in this article is pretty basic information.  What you put in the engine over time will decide where you go. Will you die from using chemical-based skin care treatments?  It’s not likely; however, are there definite consequences of using them? Yeah, I think so. Are there benefits that could greatly impact you, should you switch to an organic skincare treatment?  Yes, I know so. Switch today. What’s stopping you from reaping all of the amazing rewards of an organic skincare treatment?


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