The Bizarre Questions that UPSC Interview Asks

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It should always be kept in mind that the IAS Interview makes an assessment of the interviewee’s personality rather than the knowledge. The candidate’s knowledge has already been evaluated by UPSC in the Prelims and the Mains. 

Though nobody can ever be sure of what is the Interview Board going to ask you, it is always advisable to prepare well for it is none other than the IAS interview. It is not advisable to take the preparation for the Interview aka Personality Test lightly for in case of failure, your successfully clearing the Prelims and the Mains would only appear to be useless. 

Here are a few examples of the IAS Interview Questions to give an idea of the manner UPSC Interview makes a holistic assessment of your complete personality. 

  • Introduce yourself

The interviewee should not forget that he has already provided UPSC with most of the details related to him while filling in the DAF. So, while introducing yourself, you should be providing the Interview Board exactly with the same details that have already been provided in the DAF. There should be no ambiguity. 

  • Why do you aim at joining the Indian Administrative Services?

The candidate must have a logically convincing reason for aiming to join IAS. Is your ambition going to help the society and the nation at large, in any way? If yes, you should support your answer with valid reasons.

  • How would you draw an un-boiled raw egg on the concrete floor in a manner so that it does not crack?

Now, here comes the real test of your personality. It’s understood that dropping a raw egg on a solid concrete surface without letting the egg crack is something beyond usual logic. However, you are not to panic or react negatively. UPSC aims at assessing how would you react in case you are presented with a tricky circumstance? Your ability to manage a tricky situation with a logically cool mind is of utmost importance and would count well if you are selected as an IAS officer. 

  • Do you still cheat in the exams?

It is a kind of a loaded question. That is to say, it traps you into saying a “yes” or “no”. If you say “yes” that obviously implies that you are a cheater. And if you say “no”, it of course says that you have been cheating in the past. And you have to find a logical way out of the trap. 

  • Why did you choose the specific Optional subject that you did?

Well, you might be having your own specific reasons for choosing a specific subject as the Optional. However, apart from making it easier for you to score high, how is your choice going to equip you in a manner to serve the nation better? 

To sum up, it is not for no reason that the UPSC Interview is known as the Personality Test. It is in the best of your own interests to always remember that UPSC Interview does not aim at making an assessment of your knowledge, but the personality. 

Thus, it plays a key role not to panic or get un-nerved at all. Apart from keeping your cool, your response to a tricky question should be thoroughly logical. The point that you should never miss is that you have to respond in a manner so that most of your positive qualities are brought out presenting you as an outstanding potential IAS officer.

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