The Day I Met GOD!

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The Day I Met GOD!

The Day I Met GOD
The Day I Met GOD

I was passing down the lane near my house in the month of August. I was not really searching for God… but what if I met him?

I may not realize and respond to him. In fact, I might not even know him.

If it is the shape, there is no defined shape. If it is the colour, there is no definite colour. Let’s not talk about the caste and creed of God.

It was a thirst once to meet God, to see God and to feel God.

What if God comes in the form of an animal and follows me or chases me? My speed will be doubled up and I will reach my finishing line faster.

What if God comes in the form of an insect and bites me? Will I allow an insect to come nearby? I might kill it by a mere clap.

And suppose if an ailing man crosses by me who desperately needs money, time and medical attention?

How much money can I donate to that ailing man.?

Do I really have the time for poor him?

Aiding and facilitating him for medical opinion will definitely ruin me.

Between the two extreme ends, God and Devil is the Human being supposed to be Humane in nature.

I carry only a  saintly feeling but I am not diety and not an incarnation.

I am just a normal human being.

The Day I Met GOD
The Day I Met GOD

I wish to see God as God only, the Almighty, the fulfiller of wishes. The miracle doer.

And I have a long list of prayers and desires.

Can I negotiate with God to visit me as a provider only..?

In the form of a desirable Saint or Sufi baba who says ‘Tathastu’ to my every wish.

The ideas kept me moving. The thoughts kept me stuck that I didn’t realize that my 6.5 miles are over and I am still crossing the bridge with a Shiv Tandav playing over the blue tooth in my headphone.

I didn’t realize that it was the past 50 minutes I had been on the lane.

My thoughts were paused when I received a phone call from a Hospital at New Delhi where I was contacted by an NGO to assist a child due to be operated in a critical condition seeking some financial help.

I have been a member with an NGO to aid for a cause in such cases.

There is no negotiation if you want to connect with God.

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