The Hidden Benefits of Using Gifs on FB

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Gifs are nothing new to the world. Gifs are used in a plenty of social media platforms. For example, you see them daily in your wtsap, as they are readily shared by the wtsap users. Not only on wtsap, but Gifs are used extensively on the Facebook channels and even the Twitter pages. They seem to have a very high attention rate as they are catchy. They are tiny images in motion. Most of the times, the Gifs are being created from the video clips. But, at times, Gifs are specifically created and they are small animated objects. These glittery moving images are generally very attractive and therefore they are used extensively by the social media experts. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Gifs on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. And, businesses across the globe are using Facebook for marketing. Through Facebook, they can send the message to a large audience base. In fact, social media marketers are posting Gifs on the social platforms as well. Basically, Facebook contains an integral GIF tool. This program is used by the marketers to search for the apt Gifs. And, the tools make it easy for the marketers to add GIFs to the status updates. However, social media marketers develop special Gifs for specific posts as well. In fact, the users can even add Gifs to the comment sections.

Here’re some of the advantages of using Gifs on Facebook:

·         To immediately attract the visitors

One of the main reasons why social media marketers are using Gifs is because they know that Gifs can quickly catch the attention of the users. And, the world of social media marketing is very competitive, therefore, every post has to be catchy enough to fetch the attention of the users. Also, Gifs are more interesting and engaging, thus, there is no doubt about the fact that Gifs should be used by the social media marketers to boost the view count of the post.

·         To get more clicks

The Gifs can be made clickable as well. So, basically you can add hyperlinks to the Gifs and the hyperlinks can take the users to the specific landing pages. This is a great way to increase the visitor count of the landing page. In fact, that is the main purpose of every social media marketer, to take the users to the website, landing page or the application’s page. The click rate of the social media posts amplifies if the Gifs are clickable.

·         To engage the users

Every social media marketer is aims to engage the user. Gifs are very interesting and engaging. They are capable of making the social media posts exciting. Thus, if you want to amplify the engagement quotient of your Facebook marketing posts, then add Gifs to your social media marketing strategy.  

Gifs are becoming more and more popular because, there are a lot of benefits that Gifs offer. Thus, you should definitely add Gifs to your Facebook marketing strategy.

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