The Show Must Go On – Queen Lyrics

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Empty spaces, what are we living for

Abandoned places, I guess we know the score

On and on, 

does anybody know what we are looking for

Another hero, another mindless crime

Behind the curtain, in the pantomime

does anybody want to take it anymore

Only so, is anyone ready to continue this account?


Inside my heart is breaking

Yes, with a heart I’m vulnerable

My makeup may be flaking

And half-worn makeup


But my smile still stays on

But hold on with a smile …


Whatever happens, I’ll leave it all to chance

So be it what will be – for this case given,

Another heartache, another failed romance

And with a pain in my heart – another love,

On and on, does anybody know what we are living for?

Time and time again, did anyone know where the meaning of life is?

I guess I’m learning (I’m learning learning learning)

But in those reps

I must be warmer now

I know the essence just about

I’ll soon be turning (turning turning turning)

I will come in soon

Round the corner now

In a new twist

Outside the dawn is breaking

Dawn has already begun to dawn

But inside in the dark, I’m aching to be free

But there, inside, in the darkness, I dream of being open!


Ooh, inside my heart is breaking

Yes, with a heart I’m vulnerable

My makeup may be flaking

And half-worn makeup

But my smile still stays on

    the “show must go on lyrics.”   

Quick Facts

Career: rock band

Date of Birth: 1970 year

Age: 50 years

Place of Birth: London, Great Britain

Queen – biography

Whatever term applied to the Queen group – a cult, legendary, famous – everyone will accurately reflect the attitude of fans and critics towards it. The musical team has long become a classic, if I may say so about the group performing music in the style of hard and pop-rock in combination with glam and jazz.

History of creation

The thought “Should we not create our group” first came to the minds of students of Imperial College London Brian Harold May and Timothy Staffel. The guys given the name “1984” for the newly-minted team, inspired by the dystopian novel of George Orwell. In college, the guys announced that they had found drummer Roger Meddows Taylor. In October 1964, the musicians gave their first concert, and three years later managed to perform at the opening act of the beginner and little-known Jimmy Hendrix. Then the group changed its name to “Smile” and got a pass on the same stage with the famous Pink Floyd.

In 1969, the first earnest contract followed with a major record label Mercury Records. “Smile” managed to release the single “Earth / Step On Me,” which, however, went unnoticed. Freddy, in addition to singing well, turned out to be an excellent manager. He had a detailed understanding of how to deliver musical material, how to use the voices of all participants, and how to behave on stage. Also, Mercury, as a graduate of an art college, came up with the group’s logo.


The main backbone of Queen at the dawn of her musical career as frontman Freddie Mercury, who played keyboards, guitarist Brian May, and Roger Taylor, was behind the drums. Before unification into the cult group that later became cult, biographies for everyone were formed almost identically – for everyone, one way or another; life connected with music. Brian picked up the guitar at the age of 7, and the instrument, made from pieces of furniture and a fireplace, is no less famous than its owner.

Roger started playing the guitar in the Bubblingover Boys school team and moved to the drum kit only in 1961. He performed in the band “Cousin Jacks,” she is also “FALCONS.” After its collapse, he moved to Johnny Quale & Reaction. Even at school, Freddy put together a band called The Hectics with friends and performed at dances and festivals. After moving to London, he sang in the Liverpool Ibex and Sour Milk Sea, then created his band Wreckage.

The search for the bass player in Queen lasted for a year. At first, they became Mike Groves from Johnny Quale & Reaction, but after four months, he left. He replaced by Barry Mitchell, with whom the group worked until January 1971. Then a couple of concerts with musicians played Doug Gods. And only the fourth attempt was successful: John Deacon joined the team.


In the summer of 1972, “QUEEN” made a demo recording at De Lane Lea Studios in London, consisting of two songs – “The night comes down” and “Liar.” Then, through the mediation of Trident, she signed a contract and got the right to record a full album, but only at a time when the studio was free. The children had to dodge, as they continued to receive education and earned extra money. The label also made one more condition: record the songs of other curated “Di Lane Lee” artists along with the Queen record. By the end of the year, somehow managed to sign a contract with one of the world’s largest companies Electric & Music Industries, to release the debut single “Keep Yourself Alive,” and after that – the album.

Neither the song nor the Queen album brought noticeable fame, as well as financial prosperity, although in the USA the circulation of the record was 150 thousand copies, the group began to go on tour abroad. After the musicians acted as the opening act of the rock band “Mott the Hoople,” the band has its army of fans.

The albums “Live Killers,” “The Works,” with the clear sound of electro-pop, rose to European and American tops. Critics called the record “Hot Space” a disappointment and only paid attention to the collaboration with David Bowie “Under Pressure.” Six tracks from the album “A Kind Of Magic” became the soundtracks for the films. With the solo album of Mercury “Barcelona,” the musical world became acquainted with the crossover genre.

Queen now

The group continues concert activities in various collaborations. On the official website for the summer of 2018, the European Queen and Adam Lambert tour have been announced. Concerts will hold at notable venues: in Lisbon – at Altis Arena, in Oslo – Telenor Arena. The capital of Great Britain will host the legendary band at the Wembley Arena, Barcelona, in Palau Sant Jordi.


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