“Till I Met Him”

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Lonely in the valley of rejection
Disdained in the eyes of the royalties
Inferior to the hearts of the seemed superiors
Fed up with friends
Who only worsened the pains for trust

I made them true friends
In return, I am a means to an achievement
I am honest to them
They play games on me
I laughed and smiled with them cos. I care
Smiles and laughter cloth their faces when they need a favour to ask of me
Hurt till I give up trust
Nothing like a true friend, I believed
Fed up with life worth living in love- true love

But I met Him
And I smiled in silence
Till I laughed in open
He is more than a true friend
Smiles with me
Laughs in sincere joy with me
Praises my well doing
And corrects in love, my wrongdoing
He is hurt with my hurt
Takes pleasure in giving me a helping hands in times of need
His love and care, beyond my merit
Has appeased my soul of the millions hurts of the past
Worth more than billions and billions of friends I had and will want to have

He is a true friend



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