Tips to Make The Shipping of The Candles Better

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In the era of electricity, the candle is still in use. Nowadays, candles are used as decoration. Candles are also a source of light and heat. There is a wick between the waxes. The wick inside the wax is ignitable. These candle shipping boxes are used for multiple purposes. These purposes include dinner parties, birthdays, and weddings. You can also use candles as a decent gift. There are many companies that are making candles.

Type of Packaging Used:

The packaging is very important in the product industry. You will never buy an unpacked product. The packaging acts as the sales agent of the product. Different types of packaging are used to pack different types of products according to requirements. To pack these candles in a decent manner, candle boxes are used.

These boxes are specially designed for candles. These boxes will help you in the transportation of the candles in a better way. These boxes are made up of cardboard or similar other materials that are why these boxes ensure the protection of the product. You can get these boxes from many packaging makers at a reasonable price. The boxes are made according to the size of the candle, but, mostly, these boxes are small. You can customize these boxes according to your own choice. The customization of these boxes is done to make them attractive.

The Things You Should Consider While the Shipment of the Candles:

Candles are delicate products. That is why the protection of these products is very important during transportation. These are things you should consider before the shipment of the candles.

Cushion Your Candles:

The thing you have to consider is the cushioning of the candles. We see that candles come in different glass and tin containers. These materials are providing protection to the candles. This is not the reason for which you should not add extra cushioning. During the transportation, the glass may break, or tin got dent so prevent the candle wax you should use bubble wrap and pack it in an appropriately sized box. This can prevent any type of damage to the candle.

The protection also depends on the type of candle you are shipping. In case If you are going to ship loose candles, then you need to add extra protection. In this case, you have to wrap each candle individually. You can use tissue paper to prevent them from melting into one another. 

Choose Durable Boxes:

The type of box is very important when you are going to ship your products, especially for candles. If the candles are enclosed in glass containers, then you are going to need corrugated boxes in order to ship them safe and sound. It is recommended that there should be at least two inches of cushioning between the item and the walls of the box. Therefore, you should choose a box in such a way so that there is a space of cushion of bubble wrap or tissue paper. You can use a sturdy bubble mailer in order to ship small candles.

Guard to Avoid Melting:

You should consider the temperature faced by the candles during the shipment. During shipment of candles, the temperature is not your friend. The pillars and motives can melt completely due to high temperatures. To tackle this problem, some e-commerce companies freeze the candles before shipment; instead of providing an advantage, this process causes the wax to crack and provide additional damage. Instead of this technique, you can use frozen gel packs in the shipping boxes. These packs will keep them cool so that they do not melt. This makes freezing unnecessary.

Compare Shipping Options:


You can also use other shipping options to ship your candles. You can use express shipping services if you are worried about the risk of melting candles during transportation. In these services, your candles are less likely to be in the back of a hot truck for a long time. You can also use delivery tracking services to keep the customers updated about the arrival of the candles. In this way, the candles will not be in the sun for a long time.


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