Top 5 Benefits Of Using Neoprene Supports

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Complex forms of sports such as weightlifting have now become too common throughout the world. Weightlifting demands strong determination and interrupted hours of training that enable the trainer to gather the courage and strength for lifting heavyweights.

There are certain accessories that make it easier for the weightlifter to lift the weight along with keeping himself safe and protected. It is amongst such accessories and provides extra support and safety to the knees of the weightlifter. In this article, we will be discussing them and their benefits.

Do you ever take out some time and look for the material which is used in the making of wetsuits? Do you have any idea about the very first synthetic rubber that has gained success on the commercial level? Both these questions share a common answer, and that is neoprene.

The other name for neoprene is polychloroprene. The need for this material rose when looking for an oil-resistant substitute to natural rubber. With the passage of time, this material has made its name in many industries, such as sports, aquatics, etc.

When talking about sports, it is mandatory to consider the role of neoprene in making sports articles. Talking about complex sports like boxing, weightlifting, etc. They have always played their part. It is mostly worn around the knees in order to provide extra protection and defense to the knees.

This is compulsory because naked and uncovered knees are more likely to experience severe injury in case of accidents. Boxers prefer wearing it because it will prevent their knees from suffering through bigger damage if the boxer experiences a fall. In weightlifting, these are commonly used to keep the knees extra stable while bending down repeatedly when lifting heavyweights. Large stress on the knees can result in a bigger loss, such as dislocation of knee joints, etc.

Benefits of a neoprene support

1.  It provides immense physical toughness

The prime advantage of using it is that it provides the user with an immense physical toughness. This fabulous feature of them makes it a great all-purpose rubber. The properties of these both physical and chemical enable it to show resistance to heat, chemicals, ozone, and oil.

This is a big advantage to this material if compared to regular rubber. Another good thing about it is its elastic metal-binding ability. This property makes it more common in the medical and automotive industries. In addition to this, we use neoprene in the making of clothing articles such as gloves, aprons, etc. In addition to this, the making of tires also uses this material because of its durability.

2.  Neoprene support is adhesive and resistant to solvents

In the present age, neoprene based solvent-borne adhesives are very commonly used because of its added results. Neoprene has unmatched adhesive properties and shows resistance to solvents. Neoprene is widely used while making custom display cabinets, high-pressure laminates, furniture, shoe soles, automotive trim, kitchen cabinets, and even wall portions. The surprising thing that we feel important to mention here is that at this time, the US shoe industry is the biggest user of neoprene adhesives.

3.  The neoprene material is resistant to water and weather conditions

Neoprene is resistant to water and weather conditions. This means that you do not have to worry about your support even if it is too hot or too cold, whether it is the scorching sun outside, or it is raining heavily, you do not have to worry anymore. Neoprene has great chemical stability and shows flexibility while experiencing a wide range of temperatures.

In addition to this, neoprene is resistant to degradation caused by ozone, oxidation, snow, dust, sunlight, and snow hence almost all types of weather conditions. Moreover, neoprene is long-lasting and is very durable. This is why it is used in the making of laptop sleeves, wetsuits, fishing waders, orthopedic braces, swimwear, camera bags, and many other such things.

4.  It gives cushioning and protection

There is a variety of these that have varying thicknesses and densities in order to provide cushioning and protection to different extents. You can wear it and provide extra protection to your knees or even ankles.

5.  It support is free of latex

Safety must be the top concern while talking about any type of physical training. In weightlifting, there are a lot of chances of the injury of the weightlifter. But you do not have to worry anymore. AQF Sports is here to hold your back and take care of your safety. You can get Latex-free supports from here and carry out your training without causing yourself any harm.

To Sum it up

 In the above-mentioned paragraphs, we have discussed a lot about these and their benefits. Undoubtedly it is matchless in composition and stays by your side for a good deal of time. One must wear them in order to give added protection to his knees and make his training even more productive.



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