Top 6 gifts to give to a jiu-jitsu fighter friend!

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Holiday season may be over but, it doesn’t mean at all that the love towards your loved ones is over too. You have to show some love to your loved one’s time to time and the best way to express that feeling is by exchanging gifts. Exchanging gifts never get old, yet the ways changed a lot. 

Gifts vary from person to person to and from choice to choice. There are lots of gifts revolving the market for both males and females. As we all know, JIU-JITSU has recently gained an immense amount of popularity and with good reason too! There are lots of people who are in JIU-JITSU or planned to become part of this form of martial arts. If your loved one or friend is planning or already into JIU-JITSU and you want to gift them something on their cake day or on any other occasion then, this article is perfect for you. 

In this article, we will mainly discuss some of the best gifts for your JIU-JITSU fighter friend or relative. 

Private Lessons 

Learning jiujitsu in a class can be fun but what can be better than a private lesson with an instructor who gives you his/ her full attention? 

Although a group lesson can be entertaining, a private lesson is far more productive as the tutor will have his/ her full attention on the student and can easily pinpoint the student’s weaknesses and strengths. 

A private lesson will ensure better results and gifting your jiujitsu fighter friend the gift of private lessons will be one of a kind gift!

A Rash Guard

A rash guard is one of the most important parts of the jiujitsu outfit. That said, it is also the most over-looked part of the outfit too. 

Since jiujitsu is all about grappling and on-ground fighting, which involves a lot of rolling on the ground, it is but natural that frictional burns and injuries are pretty common. A rash guard is a blend of nylon and spandex which is tightly fitted on the body and allows flexibility as well. It is worn under a gi-kimono and creates a barrier between the skin and the ground, protecting one from infection, frictional injuries and sweat accumulation. If you want your friend to win it all, make sure you gift him/her a rash guard.

Travel Gift Cards

Now this is one superb gift that will make your friend’s day. Most of the jiujitsu fighters have to travel every now and then to attend various seminars, their school headquarters and even have to travel for competition. 

Gifting a travel gift card can come in handy during the travelling. Some hotels even accept these travel cards and give a discount. If your friend resides within the inner city area, a travel card can help him/ her cut back on the travel expenses which can pile up and pinch the pocket.

Gym Bags

You may not have thought of a gym bag as a gift but when it comes to giving gifts, it is the little things that matter. A gym bag is a must for any jiujitsu fighter. It can either be a shoulder bag or simply a backpack. 

Unlike regular gym clothes, jiujitsugis and no-gis are not something that you can walk around in. So a jiujitsu fighter needs a gym bag in any case. Gym bags are available online or you can buy them from a retail store.

Foam Rollers

As mentioned earlier on, BJJ is a rough sport and is not for the faint-hearted. There is a lot of grappling and ground-rolling which can take its toll on the fighter.

Foam rollers are generally used for sore muscles and for relaxing the muscles either before or after the fight. A foam roller also helps in the recovery of trigger points. However, if you want to get the best out of your foam roller, instead of rolling over it, press your tight spots and trigger points over the foam and apply pressure.


BJJ is highly competitive and requires a lot of energy. Taking the right diet and supplements is imperative and what better way to surprise your friend than to give him/her a gift card from his/ her favorite supplement store. 

Taking the right supplements will ensure optimal energy levels! Take advantage of the sales and the gift cards that are regularly offered and make the most of it!

Custom Jiu JitsuGis and Belts


Though regular Gis are easily available in the market, you can surprise your jiujitsu fighter friend with a Custom BJJ Gi and belt. Since these are custom made, you can give your input regarding the design and color of the gi. 


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