Top Best things that make Diwali a Special Celebration

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Diwali is a festival that fills light in everybody’s life. In this month of the festive season, every Indian is in celebration mode. The preparation of Diwali starts a month ago, and people start to plan what they are going to do for the same. India has a lot of festivals, Diwali is the most magnificent one from all. Everything like light, sweets, and delicious food Laxmi Pujan, new clothes fill the galore of the brightness in every household surroundings. 

And it is exciting to know that there are plenty of things that make Diwali a special celebration. Diwali is a celebration of light, a week-long festival that is commemorated in honor of triumph of good over bad. Every day of this festival carries significant meaning and tradition. Celebration of Diwali means decoration of home with light and color, and also to get some time from their busy schedule to spend it with friends and family, including to enjoy tasty and delicious foods with each other. Here is some aspect of Diwali like Diwali gifts, Diwali Shopping, etc. that brings glamour to the occasion.

Luxmi and Ganesh Pujan

Luxmi and Ganesh Pujan

Every Indian festival is started with worship that goes the same to this auspicious festival. According to popular belief when Lord Rama returns after spending fourteen years of exile, the first thing that he did was the worship of God Ganesh and Goddess Luxmi. Hence from then, it has started as a ritual. And has evolved as religious custom to worship God Ganesh and Goddess Luxmi on the Diwali night and which is called as Diwali Pooja.

Lights and Lamp

Diwali means a row of light. On Diwali, each house is lit up with lamps and the colorful string of the electric light. According to tradition, the earthen lamps are lit up of cotton wicks and ghee. But now in this modern era, traditions have changed earthen lamps are replaced with electric lamps and candles. Yet the aim of the festival of the light remains the same. The light and lamps are an essential part of this festival. Lightning of the house brings a special kind of happiness in the surrounding. The gathering of the family to decorate the home with lamps brings incredible feelings. The sentiment that comes by lighting is amazing. Now with the advancement of technology, you can order Diwali diya online. 

Exchanging of the gifts

Gifts are an essential part of the Diwali celebrations. People with full enthusiasm exchangeDiwali gifts with family, friends, wife, children, and everyone. And if someone special who is very far from them, then they send Diwali gifts with online delivery, which makes sure that no one feels alone on this occasion of the light. Gift giving is hugely popular on Diwali, people go out and search for the best gift on this occasion. The custom of exchanging gifts has helped a lot to the manufacturers. Big E-commerce store gives a special discount and voucher on this season. During this season, there is shopping and gifting spree.

Tasty Delicious Diwali Food

Tasty Delicious Indian food

The first thing that will come to your mind on Diwali is the traditional food. And they are the best part of Diwali when the entire family gets together on the table to eat the delicious Diwali dinner. In every family, delicious food is baked, especially sweets, which are made in various varieties — foods item like barfi, puri, laddoos, kheer, gujia, and much more.

New clothes

Everyones loves to wear new and fabulous clothes on Diwali. On this occasion, people shop for new clothes and send them as Diwali gifts in Delhi or where the dear ones live. After the decorative and other household work, people get ready in the new clothes to do the pooja and light up diya’s in every corner of the home. Wearing new clothes on Diwali is also a symbolic gesture of starting off the new year and forgetting about the past.

So, these are some amazing and essential part of Diwali celebration that makes this occasion very special. All these things of celebrations make this Diwali festival out of the world.


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