Traveling to Xishuangbanna in 2020 to experience first-hand experience sharing-practical guide

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“Longing for Life 4” starts broadcasting! Re-recognize this city! The Dai girl in the tenderness of the water, the laid-back Asian wild elephant, the beautiful and colorful peacock, the simple and primitive Dai village, the natural and magical plant strangulation, the southern transmission of Theravada Buddhism and the Southeast Asian style, just like the exotic’Little Thailand’-Xishuangbanna. … wrote a more detailed travel guide for reference only.

It’s been a long time at home, but recently my wife is really happy. The fourth season of my favorite variety show “Longing for Life” has finally begun! Because of the show, I embarked on the Southwest Shuangbanna of Caiyun…

I’m nano Nana, I like to travel and record, I’m a travel experience teacher, and I like to write down in every place…

Peacock–Dai Qing–Wild Elephant–Buddhist Temple

§ Last time I only played in Yunnan for a few days and did not go to Xishuangbanna. This time, my friends and I have enough time, so I plan to play Xishuangbanna in depth for 5 days. I don’t regret it: Banna Botanical Garden, Dai Garden, Wild Elephant Valley, Primitive Forest Park, etc. have been played all over, and truly experienced the journey of the Banna Dai Village! First of all, I would like to thank the Daijia Zhuoma who provided help along the way!

§ I have considered playing by myself before, the online guide is even more confusing, and due to the special epidemic situation and local policy timeliness and other related issues, scenic hotels need to make an appointment in advance, let’s say that the distance to Xishuangbanna’s various attractions is scattered, especially transportation It is very troublesome to arrange routes safely and at the same time, at the same time, drawing on multi-party travel experience, in the principle of not spending money and worrying! A colleague recommended to me that the Dai guide, Dolma, who went to Banna last time, contacted her to design a travel plan based on our ideas. I sincerely thank Dolma for its warm service and thoughtful arrangements. Friends who want to have fun and save money can contact Dolma and tell you by pro test that they will never let you down! Dolma WeChat/Telephone: 18687567473 (long press to copy WeChat), remember to add a note to Nana’s friend when adding her, saying there are no more discounts, after all, we have become good friends for a few days!

§ The important thing is that there is no shopping or invisible consumption during the whole journey. It is very enthusiastic and must have answers to questions. Professional things are handed over to professional people. It is a lot of peace of mind compared to blind shopping, and the cost is also a lot of money~ Consultation It is free, everyone can add Dolma to understand the consultation~
(I will talk about Zhuoma’s story later, let’s take a look at my itinerary)


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