Trends of Wedding Shopping In Delhi

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Every girl in their childhood often daydreams about their wedding and the wedding festivities. While growing up, they dream about what outfit they will wear on their Mehendi, sangeet, and other occasions. However, in their dream, the outfit they will wear on their wedding day surpasses all other outfits. Little girls grow up to think that their wedding day will be the most important day in their lives, and the overall look they will adorn on the wedding day will be like just a princess. However, in this entire process of daydreaming while growing up, boys aren’t too behind too. More often than not, men think about their marriage too. It’s just a matter of expression. Surprising, isn’t it? Me too, like women, are very particular about what kind of outfit they want to wear, whether it is a tailor-made suit or a sherwani. 


Delhi is considered the hub of fashion in India, closely after Mumbai. The trends in wedding shopping in Delhi have surely changed drastically over the last two decades or so. Gone are those days when brides and grooms would dress up in gaudy lehengas and sherwanis. In today’s time, brides and grooms want to dress simple yet sophisticated and elegant. Moreover, they want their outfits to reflect their personality since they want their wedding day to be memorable and unique. Nothing can be better than having a touch of yourself in the outfits you wear on your wedding day. Now-a-days, brides and grooms want to wear outfits which are extremely lightweight because they want to move about, enjoy, dance, sing and interact as much as possible with their wedding guests and family members. Thus, when it comes to planning a wedding, preferences have changed for sure and people are more inclined towards arranging a close family affair on their wedding day. 


Brides and grooms want wedding outfits that not only reflect their personality but match each other’s outfit colors and theme of the wedding too. Along with color coordination, couples look for soothing colors such as pinks, corals, peach, light blue, off white and beige shades for their lehengas and sherwanis. To go with their outfits, brides require simple yet elegant jewellery to wear, which are extremely lightweight too. And not to forget makeup, on their wedding day brides want a makeover which only highlights their best features but feels extremely light on their skin. 


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