Types of services provided by the Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru

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In this era of endless consumption and dreary materialism, take some time out to explore the knowledge beyond urban life, and get an in-depth world’s wisdom in some spiritual vacation in Peru. Seek greater enlightenment, and keep going in a correct healthy way to foster spiritual renaissance with the assistance of Ayahuasca ceremony Peru. The shamans of Peru help to denote this spiritual renaissance through sacred medicinal plants and various Andean and Amazon ceremonies with the sole purpose of building the out and inner’ selves. Avail the best retreat centre in Peru that deliver optimum Ayahuasca retreat and other combinational therapies for a remarkable journey of learning and healing. As there are different types of Ayahuasca therapies, experience the comfortable, tasteful and private reserve layout to experience a safe, supportive and professional environment.

Traditional Ayahuasca ceremony: It is a central approach of any Ayahuasca retreat to perform group dynamic program. During such practice, the shamans regulates the tribe of people by the arranged group activities to motivate more connection, sharing heart-to-talk discussion and authentic expression. The activities also include, group discussion, sharing circles, planting ayahuasca, breath-work and other integrative yoga sessions, medicinal plant walks, fire and smudging ceremonies and so on.

Personal Shamanic Care: Each user receive shamanic attention, and thus, they need healing seasons, with the help of assistants and shamans. There are some selective retreat that provides one-on-one time with the shamans throughout the week to avail the right dose of treatment and enlightenment.

Massage Service: A perfect approach to compliment the entire Ayahuasca treat with the help of plant medicine, and relax your body and mind to relieve pain. The retreat center is primarily hosted in a separate categorical place with a high-quality ambiance that is comprised of incense, natural and essential oil mixes, soothing music and therapeutic massage.

Special Culinary practice: To know the preparation of Ayahuasca brew, it is a privilege. Hence, participate to know more about the Ayahuasca sage recipe that comprised of powerful psychoactive dimethyltryptamine (DMT), in the local term, it is known as leafy chacruna plant. As we are now aware of the potential benefits of Ayahuasca, learn the making of each batch of medicine; the drinker is able to discover and also realize personal responsibility that is blocked for ages, and hidden in their unconscious mind. Hence, the brew helps to unblock, and thus, resulted into the release of submissive energy.

Integration Practice: The importance of comprehensive integration implementation to motivate learning and evolution. Whatever time on the retreat you spend, make sure to acquire and aspire all the learning to evolve psychologically and physiologically. Each participant of the Peru shaman retreat receives a series of guidance and thus, know the type of services you want as a part of the Integration Package. Moreover, there are guidelines that highlight many useful tools to manage and prepare the use of  Ayahuasca healing.

Shamanic diet: There is some selected retreat that provides uniquely-designed shamanic plant dietas. These diets are planned as per the need of the retreatants and thus, serve deep personal learning, healing and optimum life transformation. Dietas are considered as a powerful therapy for the user to make a promising commitment to evolution.

Follow the right Peru shamans who will guide you to sacred nature around you and even help you to acknowledge your responsibilities through Ayahuasca ceremony Peru. Select the best retreat center in Peru, as the perfect Shipibo Ayahuasca aims to delivery guaranteed security, sincere responsibility performative approach, for the authentic mental, spiritual and physical health of the user.


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