Umrah baggage Allowance You Carry from UK to Saudi Arabia?

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Usually, the baggage allowance that we can carry on our Umrah trip varies between airlines. Different airlines have different baggage allowance permission and they mostly vary in weight, dimensions and additional baggage you want to take with you. When yobaggagu get your tickets for Umrah, it will indicate how much baggage your airline allows you to take. Still, if you’re confused to make sure to confirm it with your airline. In case the baggage allowance information you get from your travel agent differs from the airline, it is necessary to clarify the misunderstanding with your travel agent. During the Hajj many airlines allow pilgrims to take increased baggage than usual. It is recommended to be careful about taking more baggage with you for Hajj from your actual needs because during the Hajj season airlines tend to be very strict about overweight baggage’s and can charge you a good sum of money for excess baggage at airports. Here is the list of some of the leading airlines with Umrah Packages from UK that take pilgrimages and how much baggage allowance they allow.

British Airways and BA City-flyerAt this airline, a checked bag can be up to 90 * 75 * 43 cm, including the bits that are stuck out such as handle, wheels, and pockets. The total weight limit applies to each bag you carry with you. It’s not possible in any case to split the total weight across multiple bags.

Emirates: Emirates is one of the most used and popular airlines that offers generous baggage policies. Their baggage allowance based on weight, piece concept depends on your specific route. Generally, their business class tickets allow to carry 40 kg, the first-class allows 50 kg while economy class allows up to 35 kg baggage allowance.

Gulf Air:  Like Emirates, Gulf Air also works on ticket fare method. Their Falcon Gold family allows carrying 32 kg and Economy class allows taking 23kg with you.

Qatar Airways:  Baggage allowance at Qatar Airways depends on route and cabin class you’re traveling in. first-class travelers are allowed to carry 50 kg, the Business class can take 40 kg while the economy class travelers are allowed to carry 30 kg baggage.

Baggage and carry

The above mention and almost all other airlines allow cabin/hand baggage as well as some additional items such as a handbag or a camera. In rare cases, you can get permission to take a few extra kg during the check-in but it solely depends on the person serving you and not a reliable way at all. Many times we observe that pilgrims leave with baggage that is already at its maximum allowance and their return mostly they will come back overweight unless you don’t plan on bringing any souvenirs or choose to leave some of their belonging in Saudi Arabia. For those who are taking lots of baggage with them and also planning to do a considerable amount of shopping then it is best for them to avail services in Makkah that help them to send their extra baggage home before your departure.

ZamZam Water Allowance

Every pilgrim wants to bring ZamZam with them. At the King Abdul Aziz International Airport in Makkah and International Airport of Madinah, a 5-liter bottle of ZamZam can be purchased for 9 Saudi Riyals, which is the cheapest and most authentic supply of water. Pilgrims are not allowed to carry ZamZam water purchased from any other place when you’re departing from these two airports. Also, you’re not allowed to carry more than 5litres of ZamZam from either of the International airport.

It is best to check with your airline or travel agent whether the ZamZam water is included as part of your overall baggage allowance or if there is a separate additional allowance for it. An airline like British Airways and Saudi Airlines has a separate allowance for ZamZam. On the flip, almost all internal flights within the country consider ZamZam as part of your overall baggage allowance. There are two methods that you can choose if you want to carry extra ZamZam water;

  • The first one is to reduce your baggage in order to pack ZamZam inside your baggage. Keep in mind that 1 liter equals 1 kg and if you exceed the limit you will be charged additionally.
  • Take the cargo service to send ZamZam water home but this method is pretty expensive.

Some pilgrims make the mistake of carrying ZamZam in their handbags which is not allowed at all. Be aware of scam holders and con artists as they make you buy water claiming that it is ZamZam at streets but it was not pure water and mixed with tap water. And tap water in Saudi is not suitable for drinking, so let them fool you. Furthermore, their prices are relatively higher as it is an illegal practice according to Saudi law.

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