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Valley of Flowers – Magnificent Beauty 


Have you at any point envisioned of a spot where the land is secured with blossoms the extent that you can see? On the off chance that you feel that the heavenly excellence of this sort just exists in some European country, at that point you are incorrect. Here we are alluding to a spot in India which is even known as the “Valley of Flowers”. 


Kaas Plateau of Maharashtra is paradise for any nature darling. It is a rich spot a long way from city life. An extraordinary number of voyagers connect for this spot each year. Nonetheless, this blog is about the Valley of Flowers and why sightseers go insane for it. Obviously, before the finish of the blog, you will have the option to find all of data about the Kaas Plateau. 


Here we go!! 




About Kaas Plateau 


You can even address Kaas Plateau as “Kaas Pathar” which in neighborhood language implies Plateau. This lovely spot is arranged in the Sahyadri Ghat ranges, which is near Satara city of Maharashtra. In any case, the all out region of the Kaas Plateau is 10 square kilometer and the entire region is secured with lovely vegetation. 


Nature is in its best structure in this piece of Maharashtra. You will experience an assortment of wildflowers from August to September. Then again, the leaves of trees transform into delightful red shading during late March. Because of the stunning assortment of greenery, the Kaas Plateau has been proclaimed as Biodiversity World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 


Aside from blooms, this level is even the home to numerous faunas also. Numerous warm blooded animals, reptiles and feathered creatures dwell in this peaceful spot. Then again, there are a gigantic assortment of Ayurvedic plants which are difficult to be recognized by any layman. In this manner, so as to pick up the total learning of what you are investigating you should take a guide on your whole schedule. 


In addition, for the security of this spot, the Maharashtra Tourist Authority has distributed a few watchmen who keep anybody from trampling the blooms. While you are in this Valley of Flowers consistently recall that “magnificence is to savor and not destroy”. 




Kaas Plateau – Travel Guide 


The Maharashtra Tourist Authority deals with the visitor visit in Kaas Plateau. Then again, just 3000 guests for each day are permitted to visit. The site opens at 7 toward the beginning of the day and vacationers can visit until 7 at night. Also, the times of heavy traffic are from 10 am to 1 pm consistently. 


Close by Places to Visit 


Don’t simply finish your agenda by investigating the Kaas Plateau as there are some close by jewels that you should visit. Here are they: 


1. Kaas Lake 


Kaas lake is arranged by Kaas Plateau. This lake gives a picturesque view and it is encompassed by slopes and mountains on every one of the sides. It is a brilliant cookout spot and you can even invest some loosening up energy after your long adventure of Kaas Plateau. 


2. Thoseghar Waterfall: 


Thoseghar cascade is found 35 kilometers from Kaas Plateau. It one of the beautiful cascades in the Satara Forest. Just as, it is even a perfect spot for trekking after Kaas Plateau. Be that as it may, you can’t enter the fall or even trek in the valley as it is hazardous. Be that as it may, you can at present view the cascade from a perception point. The view and the encompassing of Thoseghar are lofty as well as even serene simultaneously. 


3. Bamnoli Village 


Bamnoli is a delightful town arranged 15 kilometers from Kaas Plateau. As of late this town offers sailing administrations to the visitor. In the event that you need to carry a change to your state of mind in the wake of savoring the wonderful vibe of Kaas Plateau, at that point you can head towards this town and go on a vessel trip. Strikingly, this spot is even referred to as the Mini Kashmir too. 


For what reason Should I Visit Kaas Plateau? 


Serenity is the response to it. We as a whole need unwinding treatment every so often. This is chiefly because of city life and the anxious diligent work we enjoy into consistently. Though, no other spot can be more able than Kaas Plateau to detox our brain. Additionally, this site isn’t only for nature sweethearts yet it is in any event, for everyone who is looking for harmony and peacefulness.


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