Watch: Monkey Outwit the Tiger that Climbs Tree to Hunt Him, Netizens Laud the Primate’s Wits

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Tiger Climbs Tree to Hunt Monkey, Netizens Laud the Primate’s Wits
One can see a tiger perched atop a medium-height tree preparing to prey upon a monkey in the short clip.

In the forests, tigers tend to dominate the jungle floor, in contrast to arboreal creatures like birds and monkeys. The old video shared by Ex-Indian Forest Service Officer Praveen Angusamy proves this point conclusively.

A tiger is perched atop a medium-height tree. Right below the tiger, a monkey hangs on a tree branch. Though tigers hunt boars and other land creatures, monkey attacks can also happen once in a while.

The monkey may seem in danger, but he’s in his own territory, where he knows his rules much better than the tiger, who is just a guest. Remember the popular Hindi saying, “ghar ka sher” (lion at home). In order to get the big cat facing down diagonally, the monkey pushes the monkey a little forward.

The monkey slides in behind the tiger just when the tiger is about to lurch forward, causing the tiger to fall. The monkey holds on for a moment, hanging his legs in the air. The tiger looks annoyed and acts indifferent.

Angusamy posted this video with the caption: “Don’t push your strengths, always work on your weaknesses.” This is modeled after a quote from singer Jennifer Lopez.
Here is what people thought of the rare footage:


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