Web Design & Maximalism – Would It Work Out For You?

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Web Design & Maximalism – Would It Work Out For You?

Web Design & Maximalism - Would It Work Out For You?
Web Design & Maximalism – Would It Work Out For You?








We all have become accustomed to minimalist web design. In fact, we have become familiar with it too. Its an idea where more can be said with less & creates a visual style through the strategic use of simple elements.

Main points of minimalist web design are:

• Hidden navigation/menus.
• Clean & simple layouts.
• Modest colour palettes.
• A higher preference for visuals instead of text.
• Lots of blank spaces around.

However, its easy to be carried away by the benefits of a simple style and lose sight of the original message the brands want to convey. Minimalism has its greatness, but it only works for those whose messaging aligns well with simplicity and clarity.

For those who want a little more or extra of something so their business’s message is conveyed more clearly, Maximalism suits them best.

What is Maximalism?

Maximalism is an approach to design and aesthetics involving embracing the excess, getting loud and adding a distinctive visual feel to your site and surroundings, without any limits. It is a no-holds-barred approach to add as much excess & flair as possible.

It does run opposite to the minimalist doctrine which has been in fashion since the past 2 decades.

Maximalism in web design comes in with certain advantages:

• Minimalist is useful for some; Maximalist style helps you showcase your business completely.
• Maximalist style helps convey specific ideas minimal aesthetics could not.

The point of your website’s style of design is to showcase your brand identity. “Lean, mean & clean” may be the ‘in’ trend now, but it does not make other styles impractical and invalid. There are companies who have used concepts of maximalism in their websites thus creating unique brand identities standing out from the rest of the crowd.

Your Website’s Design Should Serve A Purpose

Maximalism does not mean that you can throw anything you like on the page and call it artwork. In its best form, Maximalism is governed by specific rules of design that website owners should keep in mind.

They are:

• A planned visual pyramid representing the most important information first.
• The specific usage of colours supporting one another creating a deliberate style.
• Ease of use in navigation that is easily accessible to users.
• Contrasting site elements help users comprehend what they are seeing regardless of anything else present on the page.

Web Design & Maximalism - Would It Work Out For You?
Web Design & Maximalism – Would It Work Out For You?

Are Maximalist Websites In Use?

Of course, they are. If you look at Amazon, eBay, Ford, Chevrolet, and Coca Cola; they are using the Maximalist style. Maximalist web design does not mean anything that is arrogant, brash, trashy or clutter; it basically allows business, corporations, and users to showcase their complete portfolio.

Maximalist is an understatement. It helps give users and visitors the best user experience with the usage of the best possible elements without any reluctance. The idea behind a maximalist website is to let users know what the business is all about and why is it present.

There is no fear when businesses and developers deploy maximalist web design. The best part is that there isn’t a single speck of white space, especially on e-commerce sites. Maximalist web design is deliberate; the important elements are featured in the front and centre portions of the website.

Those who implement and adore maximalist web design have no fear and love to take risks.

Over To You – Would You Like To Adopt Maximalism In Your Website’s Design?

If you have a business with a considerably large portfolio then do not be afraid to embrace an aggressive web design style. If you know a minimalist style will not be helping your brand, then step forward and say hello to maximalist web design.

It only gets wrong if not done right, but when planned, developed, tested and executed with care then your maximalist website will certainly be the talk of the town. If your audience can get clear and detailed information, placed carefully, decently and aesthetically pleasing, with all the needed imagery & other content, then your maximalist website will truly stand out unique among the rest.

For businesses based in New Jersey, they have good news because there is a top-notch company called New Jersey web design company in the garden state that can help them with maximalist web design. That company is none other than Branex.


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