What Are DoFollow Backlinks Sites and Secrets to Link Building Strategy

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DoFollow Backlinks Sites & Secrets To Link Building Strategy

DoFollow Backlinks Sites and Secrets to Link Building Strategy

Confused about Backlinks?

No need to be confused. It is a link that points to a specific online Web Page or Blog Post from one website to another website.

In the Online Marketing Sector, the link that refers to another source is defined as a free high PR backlink.

The Link Building Strategy is most often is determined by two types of backlinks. They are as explained below.

  1. DoFollow backlink

A Do-Follow Backlink is the one which has a powerful action in passing the link juice to the destination URL by commanding the Search Engine Bot to follow the link. If a link relation is given as Do-Follow, then you will get a good boost over SERP. It was introduced by Google in 2005. This was done to ensure that search engines don’t get spam and users get an excellent result.

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  1. NoFollow backlink

A No-Follow Backlink is similar to the Do-Follow Backlink with opposite characteristics. The No-Follow Backlink commands the Search Engine Bot not to follow the link (engines to ignore that link) that he/she pointing to the other source. It partially boosts your SERP as well. As the no-follow links do not pass PageRank they likely don’t impact search engine rankings.

Why do you need to know about backlinking strategy?

The Backlink Strategy that you’re practising have more benefits than you think for the Online Marketing and SEO on page & off page activity. I’m sure you would like to know some of the major benefits and output of practising free dofollow Backlink action on your website are listed below.

  • They improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & SERP (Search Engine Result Page)
  • They are instrumental in driving huge Referral Traffic to your Website
  • They help in building authority and increased credibility to your Website
  • They are noticed by many people and thus play a lead role in improving your Brand Visibility
  • They help increases trustworthiness and dependability of the Website.
  • I’m 100% sure you don’t want to commit these blunders while link building

Backlinks are the thing that should be earned and not by any gimmick. The natural link building activity is often loved by the Search Engines. You should be clever and make the link building process a healthier one.

Things to be Kept in Mind

There are some important things to be noted while performing link building action. Read them once before proceeding further.

  • Build your unique blog and create free backlinks from the trusted source alone.
  • DO NOT spam the whole internet with the link building process. Google is extremely serious about spamming sites. Don’t do the backlinking process in bulk (set a reasonable limit per day)
  • Provide a backlink to the relevant destination & source
  • Monitor your website Backlink activity regularly and remove bad links promptly.


Our authority backlinking DoFollow site list will be extremely helpful for your website’s SEO. I would recommend you do this to improve your website presence online at a regular basis. The authority backlinking strategy should be well-practised routine and shouldn’t be skipped in any case by a blogger to boost his blog’s performance. Why? Read on to find out for yourself.

#1 Without any doubt a high authority backlink gives you a quality website boost.

#2 All the sites that come under this category allow the people to get backlink via comments, article submission, providing the answers and guest blogging.


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