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Based on its characteristics, the tyre allows maintaining road surface adherence, avoiding skidding or leaving the road. Nowadays most of the tyres are tubeless, that is without an inner tube. But the road surface is not always the same as the weather conditions. It is always important to contact a specialist tyre dealer to find the ideal tyre for your car. In this article, we will evaluate a variety of tyres catering to different needs.

Cheap or Reconditioned Tyres

They are the cheapest car tyres that do not have large designs behind, their compound adapts sufficiently to various road surfaces and weather conditions. What are the limits of these tyres? Often, we find covered tyres, or tyres that undergo a reconstruction process to donate new road material to the now worn rubber. It is an economic process but the quality of the same is in line with the price.

The Best All-Season Tyres And Their Features

The four-season or all-season tyres adapt to a variety of road surfaces and weather conditions. They can be defined as the best middle ground between summer tyres and winter tyres. Their tread is designed with an intermediate compound, which guarantees safety and grip in various situations. The symbol on the shoulder of the rubber is M + S. The abbreviation means Mud and Snow. However, they are not tyres for winter peculiarities, as they are easily adaptable to various climatic conditions. The only drawback is the above-average wear during the time where heat is at its peak. These tyres are suitable for those traveling on low mileage, to those who use the car mainly for traveling around the city and who live in areas with mild climate and little snowfall.

What Are The Five Best All-Season Tyres On The Market?

  1. Star Performer SPTS AS
  2. Maxxis AP2 All Season
  3. Vredestein Quatrac 5
  4. Falken Euro All Season AS200
  5. Star Performer SPTV

The Best Summer Tyres And Their Features

Summer tyres are designed specifically for climatic conditions characterized by high temperatures, a few showers and hot road surface. They are tyres that offer the best performance on all fronts during the hottest periods of the year. The design of these tyres is simple with few grooves or detailing. In fact, it is not a necessary feature to make large quantities of water flow from the tread. However, when the temperature drops, the tyre quickly loses some features. It is in fact built with a special compound where the percentage of natural rubber is lower, therefore the mixture with lowering temperatures will be harder, offering fewer grips in general and lengthening the braking distance. The limit to guarantee the optimal performance of these tyres is 7 ° degrees. The choice is wide; practically every manufacturer offers different models for this sector on the market, further divided by car type and price range.

What Are The Five Best Summer Car Tyres On The Market?

  1. Uniroyal RainSport 3
  2. Goodride RP28
  3. Star Performer UHP 1
  4. Pirelli Cinturato P7
  5. Uniroyal RainExpert 3

Do Winter Tyres Really Work? – A Test Conducted On BMW

Winter Tires on Fresh Snow

The difference was obvious: the BMW equipped with summer tires was unable to cover even a centimeter of snow, whereas the one with winter tires moved the car seamlessly during the whole journey.

Winter Road Tires

The BMW with summer tires moves at a slow pace and without the pretense of controlling the direction of travel.

The BMW with winter tires adjusts itself initially, but soon moves safely in the desired direction allowing entry into the main road.


This test is not rigorous or scientific but shows a significant difference between the performances of different types of tires during winters and snow.


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