What Did You Learn From Architecture?

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I have been following @mm.w “Majed Veysel” on Instagram for a long time and I am so inspired by his content, he is known for his black and white photographs of various architecture.


So I asked the architect Majed Veysel what did you learn from architecture?


Here is his answer:




All I could learn in my studies of architecture is that I can do much and that every person can do much….


One can eat bread a day and work twenty hours without getting tired…


One can sit in front of the computer for days straight


There is a massive power inside every person that he or she cannot take advantage of it.


There is a treasure of vitality inside every person, and the capacity to understand, endure and be patient… We do not use much out of that treasure, but only a little during submission days.


Human beings eat, drink and sleep more than they should.


They are less pretty then they should be; they fear more than they have to.


They do not know themselves nor their limits.




His Social Media Accounts:
Website: www.MajedVeysel.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mm.w/


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