What is a firearms safety training course?

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As guns are never regarded as devices to play with merrily, they need adequate training to be properly held and demand all the precautionary measures that an individual needs when around guns, which many lacks. Going for gun safety is thus the way to go.

If you are someone hailing from Maryland, who has wanted to possess guns or firearms all along the time but have lamented all the while, then don’t worry because now you can simply complete a Maryland gun safety course in order to keep your own gun fearlessly and with confidence. 

Maryland Gun Safety Course

If you are wondering about a training course that you need to complete before possessing firearms yourself, then the firearms safety training course is what you can opt for. A safety training course on firearms can be defined as a course that offers classroom instruction on the laws involving firearms that are prevalent in the states. Furthermore, it also includes the safety of firearms that need to be kept in mind for home operation, the mechanism of handgun and its operation. Finally, it will also include another segment that will require the applicant to display his/her abilities, as they are developed, to fire a handgun. 

The Maryland State Police has already clarified that since October 1, 2013, no person would be allowed to purchase, rent or receive firearms or handguns if they fail to provide a valid Handgun Qualification License (HQL) that is issued by the same police department of the State. In case they fail to provide one such license, then they must prove to be one from the exempted category.

What are the exceptions to this rule?

● You would be exempted if you are a manufacturer or producer of firearms and furnished with an appropriate license.

● If you are a law enforcement officer in service or you, have retired from a law enforcement agency, in good faith, of the United States, the State, or from a law enforcement agency of the State.

● If you are an active or retired member of the United States Armed Forces.

● If you belong to the National Guard actively or you are retired from the National Guard but possess a valid military identification card.

● If you are someone who is involved in purchasing, renting, or receiving an antique, or as it is defined in the federal law as a curio or relic.

● If you are one of the dealers of firearms from Maryland.

These are some points that include all the criteria that you would need to possess in order to be an exception to the rule of possessing handguns in Maryland now.

Who is a new applicant?

A new applicant of the Maryland Gun Safety Course can be defined as someone who has received a minimum of 16 hours of instruction that is given by a Qualified Handgun Instructor.

Who is a renewal applicant?

A renewal applicant of the Maryland Gun Safety Course can be defined as someone who has received a minimum of 8 hours of instruction that is given by a Practical Training Professionals – PTPGun.

What is a wear and carry permit?

A wear and carry permit is a permit that is allowed to the citizens of a particular country residing in a particular state with the help of which he/she would be permitted to wear, carry, and/or transport handguns or firearms. Such a license is always required for a person to carry and wear firearms without any issues. However, they might be exempted from completing the firearms safety training course in some cases. This is when they are an active or retired member or someone who is discharged from the United States Armed Forces or the post of National Guard with honor.

Furthermore, wear and carry permit application can also be issued to persons who have not undergone one such gun safety course as the Maryland Gun Safety Course, if they are among the qualified instructors of handguns and firearms or have already completed a firearms safety training course approved by the Maryland State Police.

However, you need not worry if you don’t belong to any one of those exempted categories because you always have a promising Maryland Gun Safety Course to look up to, which you can easily opt for in order to know the ins and outs of possessing a firearm.


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