What is heavy lift transport services?

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Heavy lift transport services or cargo includes huge or oversized structures that cannot be packed into smaller components or parts. They have to be delivered, installed or lifted in a single formation. Companies working in this particular vertical ensure a fleet of specialized vehicles for effective delivery, Mostly such as huge-oversized structures or equipment belong to industries operating in oil and gas, mining and construction. Such industries or major sectors play a huge role in a country’s economic growth and development. Which is why countries situated in the Middle East including UAE know how important heavy-lift transport services are. Examples of such huge structures include generators, cranes, wind turbines, power plant machinery and vessels.

Benefits of choosing a heavy lift transport service


For a client choosing a heavy lift, the transport company is crucial. Transporting heavy equipment and oversized structures includes critical aspects including cost and time effectiveness. The logistics and operations involved whilst the cargo has to be delivered to a local destination requires specialists and professionals. Most companies now employ engineers to install and maintain such huge equipment. Equipment weighing up to thousand tons or exceeding height and width of more than 100 meters is delivered globally via land, sea or air. Heavy lift cargo service companies have vehicles including sea vessels and air crafts as required to cater to the equipment properly. Any damage ensue whilst delivering can contribute towards incurring higher costs.


A heavy-lift transport company also ensures proper documentation and paper-work required for delivering cargo globally. Companies hire a legal and managerial team to cater to any sort of documentation required to deliver the equipment effectively. To better satisfy clients companies have a running website that also provides time tracking services for cargo involved. This feature leads to better communication between agents and shippers involved.


Heavy lift services also ensue cross border transport shipping needs. Which includes optimum routes, navigation, and respective terminals. Whilst providing cost-effective approach companies are also now looking into extensive safety and precautionary measures and certifications. Such certifications are important when goods or cargo to be delivered globally need a controlled temperature such as pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.

When should you opt for heavy lift transport services?


As mentioned if your cargo ensues oversized equipment or structure and you are planning to deliver them to a global destination then opt for a heavy lift transport company. Such crucial equipment requires extra care, handling, and logistics. Companies have the resources to cater to the equipment dimension, weight and capacity. For instance for cargo involving iron/steel structures or small-sized machinery for industries, companies have trailer trucks to deliver them via land or road transport if needed. However, for huge or enormous heavy equipment structures such as drilling machines for oil & gas or wind turbines for energy sectors requires sea transport. In order to deliver such structures companies ensure seaports and engineers for hauling and installing equipment. Similarly, various transport mediums are involved in the logistics, for some destination that involves over 3000 kilometers of distance, requires a different approach. Wherein, companies may have to opt for an optimum route involving all three land, sea and air transport.


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