What Is The Purpose Of School Uniform?

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What Is The Purpose Of School Uniform

What Is The Purpose Of School Uniform
What Is The Purpose Of School Uniform

What is the purpose of school uniform? Maybe to have a universal code of conduct as to what everybody should wear. This also helps in breaking the cast and the economic divide between the students and places them on one platform where no one is rich and no one is poor.

Where everybody is the same, is treated the same, following the same rules thus creating a congenial atmosphere for studies.

Agreed, that turn out in school should be proper and neat. Boys should have a proper haircut and everyone’s nails should be trimmed. A girl should have plated hair if sporting long hair.

All this first is precisely so that they can learn personal hygiene along with studies. A neat turn out also helps you feel good and in sync with the surroundings giving you a much-needed cutting edge in the crowd.

But then why all this fuss about ribbons and styles of plaits…? Honestly, it puzzles me and that is how does it make a difference as to whether the hair is in a single plait or double as long as the hair is in place and is not out of some fashion show.

Don’t we come to school to study to learn to study different subjects such as Hindi, Maths, Social Science, Science et cetera? What is more important?

To learn to behave in a socially accepted way (which to simply say learn to behave properly) as per the social standards and the norms, to learn basic values of life and how to implement it practically, to live a life fuller life and to involve as a rounded personality all the inclusive of schools education and strategy. Or to concentrate on the hairstyles of the students…?

I believe that we are living in the 21st century and not in the 18th century if I am not wrong and not suffering from Alzheimers!

One thing that continuously baffles me and is disturbing is that how does it make a difference whether a girl makes one plait or to ties a ribbon or a hair band. Maybe her mother is sick, or her mother is a working woman who herself has to rush in the morning.

I think we should learn to be more practical and logical and stop bugging the parents and harassing the students as long as the hair is tied neatly and is not falling on the eyes. Making one plait or two ( like we used to do in the pre Independence era- jhulle latkana)… is that more important an issue or should we concentrate on producing a good smart citizen who has an all rounded personality.

How is the quality and the design of the style of the plait related to the performance of the student? Why can’t it be just one or two plaits for long hair?

Why are we making such suffocating rules and sticking to them? Don’t we have anything productive to do as mentors than harp upon this mundane issues and blow them out of proportion causing stress to all.

On one part we talk about holistic teaching and on the other hand, we leave no stone unturned where we get an opportunity to bully the child and the parents in any way.

Well all this hulabula to improve the quality of education that we are imparting… Will this stupidity improve the learning capacity of the capability of the child?

NO. But this will definitely give us a boost in our ego and make us happy that we could force a child and the parents to do things.

Why not only students…but nowadays it is also the teachers themselves who are being plagued by these type of rules! Body shaming has become a routine in schools..and unfortunately, the lady teachers are taking a lead in this shameful act. For example… issues like don’t keep your hair open (Madame, we aren’t there for a fashion show but have to let it stay open to dry after a head bath) don’t grow nails

Excuse me, we are not School girls anymore!

The size of a blouse’s necks and your sleeves…(have a heart we know what to wear in front of the students), the length of the salwar, the style of the salwar, the way you drape the saree pallu. Aren’t we going just too far in bullying…?

And the best thing is that people who pass these rules are the first ones to break them and are always seen sporting them.
Why aren’t the teachers allowed to be dressed in a presentable way as per the fashion?

If you don’t like it then please make a standard uniform for the teachers. I think then there would be no problems at all! Either we have a Standard uniform for all or we should learn to rise above petty modalities.

Agreed that deep neck / sleeveless / jeans / short skirts and tank tops or wearing revealing dresses are a strict NO NO but this…?
How does wearing a good dress or a plaazo make you attired in a less respectful way? No teacher will ever wear party dresses to school but then so much ruckus over normal clothing is just not acceptable. Are the uniforms in the educational organization implemented to harass people?

What do you want us to look like…Nincompoops? Who kids love to make fun of!

Is the quality of education that a mentor imparts more important or what she wears?

If she is decently dressed up and not raising any eyebrows then by God why don’t you just let her be and allow her to do what you are paying her to do?

If her way of dressing does not invite catcalls and doesn’t distract or mislead the child then why is there so much hue and cry over what she wears.

Don’t you think it’ll be better if you make a Standard uniform for teachers like the students and the Narayan Sevaks? Yes… that I think will be good for your ego! Whatsay?

Or are you scared that you are looking like a shoddy character in front of her? If that be the case then I suggest you all to pull up your pants, work on your wardrobe then try to body shame the teacher.

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