Why Does My Bearded Dragon Poop And Pee On Me?

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Has your bearded dragon been pooping on you?

Check out our list of reasons and learn more about the possible symptoms to look out for.

In addition, your pet bearded dragon may poop on you if they feel threatened or panicked.

This stress may derive from a change in the environment or from the sensation of being threatened.

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Poop And Pee On Me?

When bearded dragons are comfortable, they’ll pee on you. For example, if you pick it up and feed it a live mealworm.

It’s actually not unusual for bearded dragons to pee or poop on you.

One potential reason your pet bearded dragon might try to pee or poop on you is if it’s frustrated from being held or over-petted by you.

Beardies have been known to defecate on their owners when they change their diet, or if the owner suddenly starts to fear them.

Why Does My Bearded Dragon Poop On Me?

Your bearded dragon may poop on you when they’re experiencing fear, frustration, stress, or anxiety.

Stressful situations can lead your bearded dragon to try to release themselves by pooping on you. They’ll overeat and then go and lay around where they know it’ll be more likely that they’re petted.

The displeasure of your beardie pooping on you can be annoying. We understand that they’re pets and we love them, but they can do it at inopportune times.

Although bearded dragons are known for their excrement, don’t blame them for it as this behavior can be due to a wide array of factors like not having adequate bowel movements.

Due to Fear:

The main reason why bearded dragons will poo on you at times is because of fear.

If your pet bearded dragon has performed a Pavlovian response in the past and it means that they’re likely to have accidents, you have to be willing to keep them calm for their own safety.

Bearded dragons like to stick close to their owners, but they may also sometimes wander away to have their own space.

If you try to pet an adult bearded dragon forcefully or pick them up, they will likely defecate when they become afraid.

Additionally, they may wait until you come close and then go on your clothes as revenge.

Due to the Change of Environment:

Some bearded dragons are very stressed when they are introduced to new environments and situations, which makes them agitated.

In addition, in our new and changing environments, they seem to urinate and defecate all over your house. They won’t even let you have a clean home.

To avoid stress and problems, it’s important to give your bearded dragon a chance to explore their old environment for several hours before introducing them to a new space.

Due to Comfort:

If your bearded dragon produces any droppings at all, you risk being covered in their feces.

One reason why bearded dragons seem to poop on you is due to the dramatic change in temperature when these reptiles are in heat. It’s not a common occurrence, but it does happen.

Change in diet:

So you have a bearded dragon, huh? You may notice that they seem to poop all over the place sometimes. One possible reason for this is because of their new diet.

Some dogs may need some time to adjust to a change in diet, and might have temporary diarrhea as a result.

How To Stop Your Bearded Dragon From Pooping On You?

One of the most essential bits of information when it comes to bearded dragons is that they have sometimes have a tendency to poop on you. But, there are ways to avoid this if you know what you’re doing.

Try not to Stress Them Out:

If you want to avoid dirty beardie poop all over your hands, try not to agitate them or make them feel threatened.

After you’ve prepared the new environment, it’s time to let the bearded dragons settle in. An hour should be plenty of time to get them feeling at home.

After that, if they still seem uncomfortable, you’ll want to give them another hour or two to really adjust before continuing with their regular routine.

Provide a Warm Environment:

Bearded dragons prefer warmer places, and don’t enjoy when there is a huge temperature fluctuation.

Which means you should make sure to provide them with a cozy temperature so that the sudden changes won’t make them poop on you.

To discourage cats from going to the bathroom on your carpet, you can divert them by spraying them with warm water.

Do not Pet Forcefully:

Bearded dragons are self-sufficient creatures, and generally prefer to live alone. However, they enjoy being petted and scratched by their owners.

Just be mindful that you don’t overdo it, however soothing your dragon may find it. Apart from over-petting, they will also defecate on you as a form of defense.

This is a very significant point to remember. If they start to get restless, you need to give them some space. It will help prevent accidents like them pooping on you out of frustration.


One of the most effective methods of minimizing your pet’s chance of pooping in your face is potty training.

Give your bearded dragon the opportunity to potty train in a designated area. You can use a rug, corner of carpet or other substrate that they can easily walk over, which will eventually turn into a habit.

Digestive Diet:

If you want your bearded dragon to stop pooping on you, make sure you only change the diet gradually. Don’t do too many changes at once, or it will be too difficult for them to adjust.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Tell When Your Bearded Dragon Is About To Poop?

A bearded dragon is getting ready to poop when it makes low crawling movements. It might also make a run for the nearest hiding spot like a box or tube.

Pet reptiles have indicators that indicate when they are ready to poop. Being aware of these signs of toxicity can help you prevent accidents by avoiding toxins.

Regular spot:

Some reptiles, like bearded dragons, tend to have a bowel movement once per day. Occasionally, they may also have bowel movements twice per day or every other day.

When your bearded dragon has access to a specific spot for such activities, you’ll probably know when it wants to go.

When you notice your pet is wandering around its designated area, then it’s time for them to go.

Feeding Schedule:

Pet bearded dragons can have specific bowel movements each day, depending on their diet.

To figure out what your pet reptile’s regular schedule is like, you need to watch it carefully. This usually seems to be in intervals of eating.

Litter Box:

One thing to look for that indicates your bearded dragon is about to poop is whether they go into their litterbox or not. This step will only work if the bearded dragon is potty trained.

What Does My Bearded Dragon Poop Mean?

What your bearded dragon’s poop potentially indicates about their health depends on the color, consistency, and volume.

If you see your bearded dragon discharging a yellow substance while defecating, it could indicate that your bearded dragon’s food is way too high in calcium.

A bearded dragon should be taken to the veterinarian if the element is red. The red poop can be an indication of internal bleeding.

Furthermore, if the feces your bearded dragon does is chalky white in color, it may be a sign of dehydration.

If your bearded dragon’s stool is brown and white, they’re in their optimal health. They’re eating a balanced diet with the right amount of protein and fiber.

What Should You Do If Your Bearded Dragon Poops On You?

Bearded dragons are prone to depositing droppings on their perch when they crawl up and down.

If they happen to poop while they’re on your hands, wash them off as quickly as possible with a proper disinfectant cleaner.

In addition to washing the clothes that were just touched by the feces, you also need to wash any other clothes that have been affected by it. If the damage is severe, then you’ll have to throw them away.

In addition to removing the odour, you must clean the stains and residue left behind. To do so, use vinegar and baking soda to clean the stains as well as disinfect them.

Final Thoughts

Bearded dragons often poop due to external or internal factors, so you need to be mindful of this.

This could be from over petting, stress, frustration, changes in diet and temperatures, fatigue, discomfort caused by an uncomfortable environment for example. Bearded dragons also may poop on you out of fear.


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