Why Does My Dog Sniff My Face?

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One possible reason your dog might be sniffing your face is because he’s looking for a familiar human scent.

Dogs are one of the most loyal of animals in the world. That’s why they seem to make great pets. As with any animal, though, they also have their unique characteristics.

Today, we are going to discuss a fun and cute characteristic of dogs! They love to lick people’s faces.

We’re going to discuss why dogs do this, and explore some ways you can try to get them to stop.

Why Does My Dog Sniff My Face?

Dogs use their sense of smell to identify people. When a dog smells its owner, it’s usually looking for attention- some other reasons are hunger, curiosity, excitement and a desire to go outside. 

Dogs also like to transfer their scent to their owners by sniffing their faces.

There are many reasons why a dog likes to sniff your face. It can be for various reasons: hunger, a need to smell you, or an act of dominance.

Let’s discuss the details of each possibility and make sure we investigate all the possibilities.

When you’re sleeping:

Whether you enjoy cuddles with your dog or not, let’s talk about why they like to sniff your face when you’re asleep.

Being demanding:

One of the reasons why your dog might sniff you while you sleep is that dogs get treats from the people they expect it from.

Dogs very rarely stop moving, and they also will sniff at your face. This is a common trait that is seen in almost all dogs. They will sniff their owners when they are in need of something.

Out of habit:

I want to highlight an important point that dogs are natural sniffers. Even when you’re sleeping, they won’t shy away from you.

Sniffing things is a part of their daily routine. It’s not unusual for your dog to start sniffing you when you are sleeping.

Your dog loves you:

It’s common knowledge that dogs, who are social animals, like to smell the scent of people they like.

Why don’t you try giving your pup a sniff when you sleep? Face-sniffing is a sign of high affection after all.

Out of care:

A dog’s most important trait is their caring nature. That’s why your dog might be sniffing your face when you’re sleeping is that he’s checking to make sure you’re doing OK.

Transferring scent:

One distinctive quality of dogs is that they like to transfer their scent onto other objects and people.

So maybe your dog likes to sniff you when you’re sleeping, in order to make its unique smell better known by those who might come into contact with it.

When You’re crying:

Last but not least, let’s examine why your dog might be sniffing your face when you’re crying.

To reassure you:

Not everyone is privileged enough to have a dog as a pet. Dogs in particular are compassionate animals that can sense sadness and offer support. 

That’s why your dog will sniff your face if he sees you crying, to try and comfort you. When dogs comfort their owners, they commonly sniff the faces of their owners.

To show affection:

Many dog owners feel like their dog is giving them affection when the pup starts sniffing their face.

This might sound strange, but it just shows that the dog really cares about them and loves what they do during tough times.


The most common reason for random sniffing may stem from the nose being infected.

Expecting a treat:

Dogs will sniff your face in the middle of the day, hoping to find a treat. This is how dogs communicate with people and let them know what they want.

Dogs don’t like having their meal disrupted and they use sniffing your face to let you know this.

Expecting a walk outside:

If your dog has a habit of sniffing at your face when you’re inside the house, it might mean that the pet wants to go outside.

Dogs like to take walks in the park. It’s their way of burning some energy and getting used to being outside of the house. 

While dogs love being with you, they will probably start sniffing at your face when they want to play because that means it’s time for a game.

Likes your smell:

It is believed by animal experts that dogs like the smell of their owners. Hence, they sniff our faces randomly throughout the day out of habit.

For these creatures, It’s also one of the ways in which dogs show affection for their owners.

Lack of attention:

If your dog feels that it is not receiving the attention it needs, it will randomly sniff your face. Dogs are very sensitive animals and require constant attention.

In the morning:

The most important thing we ought to do is understand why your dog might be so interested in sniffing you in the morning.

In order to greet you:

When you get up in the morning, your dog might be sniffing your face to say hello.

Dogs are friendly animals, and they like to greet their owners when they wake up. They think you’ve been out all night and haven’t seen them yet.

Out of excitement:

Often, after you’ve woken up, your dog will start sniffing your face to show that it is excited about seeing you.

To check up on you:

Dogs instinctively smell their owners to determine if their owner is healthy- and they use their powerful sniffer to do this.

In order to grab your attention:

Your dog might be sniffing your face because they want or need some attention and want to make sure that they get it from their owner.

Dogs like to start their morning by getting the attention of their owner, as it’s a natural thing for dogs.

Wanting breakfast:

If your dog starts sniffing at you in the morning, it might mean it’s time to provide breakfast. If this is the case, stop the dog from sniffing by providing it with food.

Wanting to go outside:

Your dog will start to put its nose in your face early in the morning if it wants to go outside.

Dogs love their playing time and will put their noses on you as a way of telling you it’s time to take them outside.

Do Dogs Like To Smell Their Owner?

Dogs are drawn towards their owner’s scent. Therefore, it is not surprising, then, that they like to smell their owner by sniffing at the face.

Some dogs sniff their owners’ faces out of love, while others may do it to get attention. That face sniffing is a way for the dog to communicate that they need something–most likely attention.

Additionally, sniffing the face of the owner also enables dogs to transfer their unique scent to the person.

Dogs are naturally motivated to try and form some sort of mental connection with their owner by sniffing their face. It’s a very natural thing for dogs to do.

How Far Away Can Dogs Smell Their Owners?

Research suggests that dogs can smell their owner’s scent from more than one mile away.

Experts believe that dogs have a strong sense of smell. This strong sense of smell helps them identify the owner’s scent from fairly far away.

Scientific studies have found that dogs are able to smell their owner from 20 kilometers out and differentiate between their various scents.

We all know how powerful dogs’ sense of smell is thanks to products like tracking collars.

They allow pups to find their way back home by following the scent of their owner, no matter where their owners are.

How To Stop Dogs From Sniffing My Face?

Some people aren’t aware of what to do when a dog comes to sniff them. However, it’s not as hard as it may seem.

There are many different steps you can take to prevent dogs from sniffing your face, and we’ll go over each one in this post.

Train your dog:

One of the first things one needs to realize is that dogs are natural sniffers. However, if they keep sniffing your face then you need to address the problem.

The best approach in this case will be to apply obedience training. Have you ever tried teaching your dog commands?

They’re simple and can be a lot of fun to teach. You could make the dog stop sniffing by using the various commands to communicate with it.

Until your dog is properly trained, you’ll need to continue teaching it new commands on a regular basis.

To solve the sniffing problem permanently will take a long-term solution, which includes obedience training.

Ignore your dog: 

One thing that dogs don’t enjoy is being ignored. If your dog sniffs your face, you can ignore it until it gets bored.

This will teach the dog that he’s not getting attention when he sniffs your face. If you ignore him for a while, he’ll stop sniffing your face.

Provide a toy:

One way to address sniffing dogs is to provide them with a toy. When they’re playing, you’ll be able to do what you need to do without being bothered.

To Conclude

It’s natural for a dog to sniff around the face of its owner. One should get concerned if their dog stops doing this. And healthy dogs like sniffing the nose of their owner at any cost. 

The reasons that your dog might be sniffing your nose are hunger, curiosity, excitement and they want to go outside.

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