Why Famous Abstract Paintings are sold for Millions of Dollars?

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Abstraction is one of the best things that has happened to art since its beginning.

Abstract art is known to baffle people. If you would ask 100 art lovers (let’s say), only 30 will be found following abstraction on a random.

This means that only 30% of art zealots are inclined towards abstraction as an art form.

famous abstract paintings

But if we look at the price tags of abstract paintings, the story seems much strange.

Globalization has surely played a pivotal role in exposing art to a much wider audience in the world.

The early 21st century witnessed Indian abstract artists fetching millions of dollars for their creations.

Some of the renowned names of this list are S.H.Raza, V.S.Gaitonde, Tyeb Mehta, M.F.Husain, and F.N.Souza.

All of these above-mentioned artists gained appreciation worldwide for their exquisite abstract paintings.

Through this blog, we are going to pinpoint some of the eluding aspects that price these abstract paintings in the million dollar club:

Rare is unique

Our brain, at the time when we experience an abstract art, works differently than when we witness a figurative, portrait or landscape painting.

Abstraction was one of the modern art movements that encouraged artists to experiment with new techniques, ideas, and ways to bring out something new.

The totality of this art style was to defer from the traditional or academic style of art and create something that could expand our imagination and creativity.

It means that abstract paintings don’t have objects that are relatable to our real lives.

Instead, an abstract painting, owing to its unstructured patterns, eluding designs, vivacious color combinations, and an obscure meaning is able to generate emotions out of observers.

When you are able to feel a familiar emotion by looking at the artwork that doesn’t relate to the real-life subject matter, it offers you an explicit level of imaginative and creative power.

People who adore art and crave the freshness in artworks often look to score abstract paintings at any cost.

This is what makes abstract art an expensive piece to grab in an art auction, exhibition or convention.

The uniqueness of vision and technique pushes the art lovers to pay a staggering amount for abstract paintings.

Ambiguously stunning

People have a tendency to pay a high sum for kinds of stuff that don’t make sense to them.

Since abstraction is a result of insurgency by artists to test and come up with new tactics, a lot of art lovers aren’t able to comprehend the true nature of abstract art.

However, abstract art is believed to be apprehended much well with time. So, art lovers purchase these art pieces without giving any care about the prices.

After all, the blissfulness and sense of contentment that evoked emotions offer are much more than a few thousand or millions of dollars.

If you look at famous abstract paintings and are able to decode each piece by observing it on a frequent basis, I won’t be surprised if you unfold new elements every time.

The obscurity of abstract paintings is what makes the prices of these pieces touch sky.



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