Why Is My Cockatiel Angry?

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This article will cover some of the reasons your cockatiel may be angry. An attractive, lively pet, the cockatiel is a lovely bird you can handle and enjoy as it grows.

It’s not usually prone to getting angry, but it’ll start making noise if it’s scared of something. Cockatiels are indeed easy to care for and have in your apartment.

However, there may be some common issues that come up if you’re a cockatiel lover. For example, you might wonder why your cockatiel is so angry and keeps making noise.

This article will explore different reasons for a cockatiel’s anger.

Some of these reasons might result from your actions, and we hope we can help you solve some of them. So keep reading and know the actual reasons why your cockatiel is angry.

Why Is My Cockatiel Angry?

One of the reasons your cockatiel is angry is because it has not had a mate or other bird to interact with. 

If you notice that your pet is angry, avoid making loud noises, and instead tweak its cage to create a more space for the bird to roam around, if possible. Offer it a new mate if there are any available.

In addition to getting angry at different things, cockatiels can sometimes get angry about their living conditions. We’ll explain the main reasons why your cockatiel is upset and what you can do to help it.

Living alone:

Cockatiels love to live in pairs and need a mate to live happily. Buying an individual cockatiel requires time to adjust to living alone and being content.

By the time it does, it will likely become angry and start chirping from time to time. It’s not uncommon to experience a sense of isolation when you live in a noisy and unfamiliar environment.

So, try your best to minimize the noise and give yourself some time to get used to living there.

If your cockatiel lives in a dark place or can’t see the light, it will usually get angry. But this isn’t a daily occurrence. 

If you buy new cockatiels, make sure they are comfortable. Don’t try to force them into living there if they don’t want to.

When you behave in a friendly way and let the cockatiel get used to the sound of your voice, it will go into the cage without any problems.

However, if you’re mean or loud with your commands, the cockatiel will get angry and refuse to obey you.


A scared cockatiel will either get angry, aggressive and chirp incessantly, or it will become unstable and start flying around the cage.

Either way, the bird is not content and more than likely, it’s because it was scared of something.

Of course, you know your pet bird, but keep these things in mind: Refrain from introducing anything new or exciting to the cockatiel. Cockatiels require consistency and stability.


When your birds are sick, they become distressed. It’s the most common reason for them to get angry.

When birds get sick, they start to pluck feathers and hurt themselves. They can’t bear their illness anymore. Eventually, they lose their temper and get angry.

Do Cockatiels Get Mad?

Cockatiels are very sensitive to their environment and will often become angry when not given the attention they desire. When they’re denied what they want, they will dilate their eyes.

Sometimes, when you try to force a cockatiel to do something, it gets mad out of nowhere. It may bow its head and refuse to do the job. 

Maybe you think it’s just hungry and is refusing food, but its stomach can’t handle more food: at that time it will start getting really mad and angry.

When you buy a cockatiel, she is accustomed to the company of other birds. If you purchase only one, she may go crazy at some point especially when you need help finding someone to play with her.

Do Cockatiels Get Angry At Everything?

Cockatiels have varied levels of anger. In most cases, cockatiels are not angry at everything. Some specific objects and reasons will make them angry. Those include:


Cockatiels are furious creatures, almost to the point of being ridiculous. It’s more than just a stereotype, though- if you do something wrong to your cockatiel, it will be angry at you and might even refuse to speak with you for a significant amount of time. 

For example, let’s say you stop playing with your pet for weeks, not wanting to catch its feathers.

It will get angry if you don’t take the necessary steps to keep your bird’s feathers healthy. If you are forceful with it when it doesn’t want to do something, it will be angry at you. 

So, please become a friend of your bird as its caretaker and avoid forcing anything on your cockatiel.


The night freight is another fear for the cockatiel. It doesn’t like it when it’s dark and there are no people around; when they’re alone at night, they get angry.

It’s wise to buy cockatiels and let them live where you can control the light. Some time will pass before they get used to living in the dark, but they’ll love it after some weeks.


You may want to buy some toys to entertain your cockatiel. In fact, if you search for bird toys, you will find many great options.

However, you should not personally force your cockatiel to play with the toy right after buying it.

Cockatiels get angry when they’re ignored.

Let your bird explore the new toys for a while, rather than shoving them into its cage. After that, it will take the new toys easily and won’t get angry with them.


If your cockatiel’s cage doesn’t get enough sunlight, its feathers will weaken and the bird may be unhappy. 

Put the cage somewhere where there is direct sunlight shining through it or that has a lot of natural light.

Also try to steer clear of dark areas as they can negatively affect the bird’s growth and mental happiness.


If you make loud, weird noises, your cockatiel will become angry. Avoid making them shout and make noise to avoid angering your pet. Instead, let them start chirping.

How To Calm An Angry Cockatiel?

The best way to calm an angry cockatiel is with a few treats, toys and a small-sized stainless steel cage.

After an incident, you may find your cockatiel is angry with you or other people. If it’s hard to tame your bird, you must do something to calm it down. Let’s see how you can calm down a mad cockatiel and what to do next.

Pay proper attention:

If you think your cockatiel needs more attention, take him to the store or on errands for the day.

Cockatiels love to fly around and make noise every so often, so if you see that yours is angry and squawking, be sure to bring them with you.

The best way to deal with an angry cockatiel is to bring them out of the house for a little while each day. 

If you leave your pet birds at home for a long time, they’ll get grumpy. However, if you give them some attention when you’re at home, they’ll be much happier with you.

Favorite food:

Your cockatiel has different dietary needs than you do. To maintain a healthy diet, your bird should consume both vegetables and fruits. 

To figure out what to feed your bird, give it some vegetables. If it enjoys the vegetables, you can also introduce seasonal fruits.

You may try some fruits, like apples or grapes. Cockatiels love these too and can be calmed down with them.

Pet toys:

We know cockatiels can be a bit abrasive at times, so giving your birdie its favorite toy is an excellent option to soothe it. If you’re looking for more ways to stop its aggressiveness, try giving it a new toy!

How Should You Hold An Angry Cockatiel?

Trying to hold an angry cockatiel is dangerous. Follow these safety tips so you can handle it safely, and keep the bird calm. You’ll have the most success if you follow these steps.

You can offer some fruits and vegetables, but this will set off the angry birds. If your cockatiels are close by, they’ll get agitated. 

To avoid this, you can talk to the cockatiels at least a little bit before you come into their vicinity. When you’re ready to pick them up, you can pick them up only if they’re calm.

Wearing plastic gloves is a no-brainer. They offer protection in the event you get bitten by your angry cockatiels, and they’re always handy to have on hand.

How Do You Deal With An Angry Cockatiel? 

Are you wondering how can you make your cockatiel stop being angry? Well, we have some helpful tips here for you.

If you have an angry cockatiel, one way to gain his trust would be through bonding. Here’s the trick:

If you’re trying to handle your angry cockatiel, you should follow these steps and create a bond with your angry pet.


Alright, take a deep breath and talk to the angry cockatiel. Keep your distance at first or the bird may get scared and fly away.

Treat this like a friendship – slowly work on getting closer and showing that you’re not a threat, so that the bird won’t be afraid of you.


After getting close to your pet bird, you should feed it some fruit or vegetables. If you can’t get your pet bird to eat fruits or vegetables, try feeding it some fruit.

Give your hand:

In the final step, offer your hands to your cockatiel in a way that it’ll perch on them. Don’t open the cage–there’s no need! Approach with a friendly spirit and tame an angry cockatiel.

Taming an angry cockatiel is easier with these simple steps. With these steps, it won’t take long for you to bond with your angry cockatiels.

In Conclusion…

Providing a sense of security to a bird by spending time with them is one of the best ways to calm them down – even just playing a game of fetch! 

This gives your cockatiel time to adjust and feel safe. If you stop paying attention to your cockatiel for too long, it can sometimes feel offended or disregarded, making them want to act out. 

In that case, providing some extra care and treating them with fruits may help calm it down.


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