Pickled Cherries: Preserve the Healthy Powers of Sweet Cherries

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Limited time only! Fruit jewel, “cherries.”

A cherry that is red, shiny, and has a beautiful and elegant sweetness. It is very popular as a gift, and it is a high-grade fruit called “fruit jewel” in Japan. Fruits rot and burst when exposed to rain, so they are carefully grown in large greenhouses. The cherries, which have been raised for a long time, are fruits for a limited time only in early summer! Please enjoy the deliciousness of the season.


Cherry nutrition

The primary nutrient in cherries is sugar. It also contains carotene, vitamin C, iron, etc. Iron, which helps prevent anemia, is one of the top contents in fruits. The skin and pulp’s red color is due to anthocyanin, a type of polyphenol, which has an antioxidant effect. There are both imported and domestically produced cherries, but the domestically produced cherries tend to have more anthocyanins because the pulp is yellow, and the imported stuff is red. Also, it contains relatively large potassium and helps prevent hypertension by discharging excess salt.

How to choose

Exemplary products that are colored red overall are vivid and have a glossy skin. Avoid brown shafts or spots on the skin. Generally, the darker the color, the stronger the sweetness.

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Cooking points

When eating, keep the pattern on and shake with a bowl filled with water. Have a care not to apply too much, as the sweetness will decrease if you soak it in water too much! If you want to eat immediately after purchase, you can enjoy it by cooling it with cold water. Please, try it.

Season and storage method

The season for domestic products is from June to August. Imports will be available from late May to early July. Since cherries do not ripen, they are harvested at the most delicious time. Therefore, we recommend eating as soon as possible after purchase. Also, since it is susceptible to low temperatures, if you store it for a short period, place it in a well-ventilated and cool place, and put it in the refrigerator for about 1 to 2 hours to eat. Also, if you can’t eat it immediately, you can wash it in water, put it in a sealed bag, and store it frozen. When eating, it’s best to eat in a half-thawed sherbet.


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